Dutch's "Wicked Baked Beans"

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    First off THANKS for such a wonderful recipe.
    And YES, they are “ALL THAT”, and more.
    I have read this thread 4 times so far, I know some of my replies were to old posts, but figured this is still a pretty active thread, nearly 4 years.

    Finally got around to making a batch, I stuck to the recipe so if I ever do any tweaking I have a reference point.

    Started my ribs and after 3 hours started the beans.
    I added some of the skirt, slightly charred on the tips. Did not drain the beans and they were not soupy at all.
    I cooked ribs for about three hours, added the skirt, chopped fine and placed the beans under the ribs, after 3 hours on the smoker I removed the beans from the smoker placed about 8 napkins on top to absorb grease and covered for ½ hour. Did not stir the beans until they were ready to be served.

    I used 1 jalapeno and the beans had a tanginess to them but not spicy, I like stuff hot but most of my family can not tolerate the real spicy stuff.
    I used cherry wood for the smoker and the beans had a subtle Smokey flavor.

    The only thing I would do differently is drain most of the bacon grease before sautéing the veggies add more skirt meat and try thick sliced bacon, but as far as the recipe goes, I wouldn’t change a thing.

    I would have to say that this recipe is perfect untouched, Hey Dutch I am looking for a good chili recipe, when are you gonna start “Dutch’s Wicked Chili”

    I would have to agree, I think I enjoyed the beans more than the ribs the next day!

    I use crushed pineapples and they cook down pretty well.

    Probably better to make a foil patch rather than soak, by depriving the wood of oxygen it will smolder and not ignite.

    If you do use bacon grease to saute’ I would pour a bit off first and use maybe a tablespoon at most.

    I really like that idea.

    I did but after three hours of the ribs cooking, Im gonna miss being able to do this on my Reverse Flow.

    Anyhow here are some pics






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    Hey SQWIB-I do mine in a reverse flow. I have a top rack that I can put in or take out as needed.

    Glad you liked them beans! I'm still working on my chili recipe~[​IMG]
  3. sqwib

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    Almost Forgot


    Thanks Again
  4. sqwib

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    Let me know the second you get it done.

    My build only has 1 rack but[​IMG] I ordered the Big Block GOSM so now I can do full racks overtop of the beans[​IMG]

    I wonder if I could put the beans on the thermal plate under the rack with the beans?
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    Can anyone recommend the amount of time it would take if a batch was simply grilled with a few wood chips or chunks?  I'm thinking about trying this recipe by putting it on the grill with spatchcock chicken. 

    The chicken usually takes about an hour on a fairly hot grill.  Do you think the beans would take about an hour also?
  6. dutch

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    Saluki, back when I was developing this recipe I was using the oven and baking them for about an 1 1/2 hours. If you use your grill, you should be fine but be sure to get them beans well above the danger zone temp wise. I've done them on a covered grill and I make sure that they reach 165°-170° before I pull them.  Give the beans a good stir during the cooks so you don't end up scorching the beans in the bottom of your pan (been there-done that [​IMG])

    Enjoy them and let me know how they turned out for you.
  7. smokinsaluki

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    I did the beans for the first time last night.  I'm still learning the smoking game, so I decided to try beans, a fatty and a whole chicken.  (The "cheap" meats in case I screwed it up).

    Things were going great for about 2 hours and all of a sudden the temps dropped.  I added charcoal and opened vents and it didn't help.  The temps were holding steady at 219-235 for most of the time but I couldn't get them above 180 for almost an hour.  I finally realized the coals could not get enough air even with the vents wide open so I stuck a small shovel under the charcoal grate.  Sure enough, the temps shot back up within 10 minutes.

    I think the extra time in the smoker mellowed the spice of the beans.  I like spice and they were not hot at all.  Next time I plan on not packing the brown sugar and adding slightly more jalapeno/mustard.  Overall, I give the recipe an A+ and my execution a B-.

    The fatty turned out decent.  It didn't explode or fall apart when I took it out so I call that a success!  I finished the chicken in the oven for about the last 20 minutes while we dug into the fatty.  I overcooked it slightly so the breast was starting to dry out but overall it wasn't bad for my first attempt.
  8. sqwib

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    Here is a  breakdown of ingredients.


    Used Chipotles in Adobo in place of the Jalepeno, so I don't have a pic of that, next time I will take a photo with the jalapeno.

    Wanted to say thanks again, 3 batches later.

    Dutch, How are you making out with the Chili Recipe?
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    Saluki-Glad you got to try those beans.  Anytime jalapeno's are subjected to heat, they tend to mellow in flavor. You can do a couple of things: 1) Don't remove all of the white membrane from the pepper. Also, leave some seeds in the mix-both will add a kick of heat to the finished product. 2) Use a hotter pepper. [​IMG]
  10. dutch

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    Ma put her pretty little foot down and told me that I had to hold off on working on the Chili Recipe. She was mumbling something about it being just to dang hot for Chili.
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    manly, yes... but I like it too![​IMG]
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  12. I have a couple questions about smoking them overnite, I like them a little thicker. What section of the forum would I post the questions, or right here?

    I am taking them to a tomato tastefest around noon Saturday and as an afterthought threw them in the smoker for the last couple hours but think that they may be safer staying in the smoker than trying to cool them, refrigerate them, then start smoking them again Saturday and having to repeat the procedure again, twice really (cooling again to take in the vehicle, then reheat them on a grill at the tastefest, etc...)

    Can I lower the smoker to a safe temp and do an overnighter without worrying about food safety or drying them out too much? Would something in the 175-195 temp range be okay?

    I looked at the bean can ingredient label and didn't find anything that should cause concern for worry, the meat in it is "maple CURED bacon" according to the label, and the only other meat I added was "precooked chipotle flavored bacon" I bought by the box (200 strips for $9.95!)

    If it matters, the low tonite should be around 55 and the Electric smoker has a digital control to set it at anything between.... well, probably as low as 150 or 170 and up to 275 I think. They've been in the smoker for about 2-3 hours, mostly around 205 but as low as 178 and as high as 250 (I've been varying it from 185 to 215 and initially heated it to 250.)

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. panhead

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    i recemtly made these beans but...i used habaneros in place of jalpenos.....yeahhh baby
  14. dutch

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    tender loins, as long as you can keep the temps up above 145° you should do just fine. If you see that the beans are starting to dry out, just add at bit of low fat/low sodium chicken stock.  
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    I followed the recipe except for the hot peppers. It was great! I'll be making these again. This year both the turkey AND the beans recipes came from SMF! I cooked a little longer because I like them thick.


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    Absolutely Delicious... Everyone loves these!!! My kids go nuts because they have bacon in them, you would think they were on a treasure hunt for the bacon.. Thanks again for sharing the recipe!!!
  17. dutch

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    MrChubbs-Glad that the kids love to hunt for the bacon.  My younger grandkids like to look for the pineapple-we'll sometimes pull a fast one and change out the pineapple chunks for the pineapple tidbits.
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    Dutch.. Just made these for the first time.  AWESOME!  Everyone in the house was talking about em.  Thanks man.  Appreciate you sharing this recipe. 
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    I need to make these some day. [​IMG]
  20. Is their any other way, than KC style ribs. This recipe sound awsome. It just so happens I have 3 slabs of spare ribs in the frige wait'n for Sun. I will definetely try  this. Thanks!

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