Dutch Oven Restore and Beef Stew

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  1. Yep I used the tube up (it worked pretty good) I had and bought flax seed oil. That stuff is dynamite! Only takes 3 coats and it's a slick shiny surface that nothing sticks too!
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    Do you happen to know or have a link to them?  I searched around but couldn't find it.
  3. sqwib

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    Damn, I shoulda went with my gut and refinished with Flax Seed Oil.

    The conditioner works better than anything else I Have tried so far, but the general consensus is as you have suggested Dirtsailor.

    Copy this Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning: A Science-Based How-To and paste it in the Google search


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    Copy this  Galvanized Feed Pan 13 Qt. and paste it in your Google search engine, prices vary and look for free shipping!
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    Great job on bringing that back to life. Stew Looks yummy! Where's the corn bread?
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    Thanks I know what to look for now.
  7. If you have a Tractor Supply Store they sell them there.  They are hog feed pans that are big enough to fit a 12 qt dutch oven.  They are about $5 for each and I will tell you they will speed up the cooking process and retain the heat even more so be careful, you can burn your meal.  I had to back off on the coals due to the heat being retained so well.
  8. What size DO did you use?
  9. I have a lodge 12 qt deep with 3 leg stands for outdoor use mainly.
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    I replied to your PM but it doesn't show up??

    Anyhow its a Lodge Original Finish 8-Quart Deep Camp Dutch Oven 13.7 x 13 x 8.2 inches for the deep (mine) I'm pretty sure this is wrong I will measure tonight, I'm pretty sure it's not 8" deep and they usualy run 12" diameter or 14" diameter

    I don't even know if they sell it with original finish anymore, it looks like the ones being sold now have been seasoned already, Lodge Logic L12DCO3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Camp Dutch Oven, 8-Quart $56.00

    If you want to go bigger try the  Lodge Logic L14DCO3 Pre-Seasoned Deep Camp Dutch Oven with Iron Lid, 10-Quart

    L14DC03  -  14" round X 5" depth

    Lodges website only shows the 8 quart in two sizes;

    L12DC03  -  12" round x  5" depth

    L14C03  -  14" round X 3-3/4" depth


    Hope this helps

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  11. sqwib

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    is it a camp oven or dutch oven? I thought the biggest lodge made was a camp oven @ 10 quarts 14" diameter 5" deep
  12. dirtsailor2003

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    Lodge does have a 16" 12 qt. They are hard to find though.
  13. chef willie

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    Great info and tutorial for those a little afraid of using a DO and the seasoning process. Fall is noticeably approaching up here in the NW so looking forward to cranking out some tough shanks in my DO. That setup you exposed for using one in the Summer was neat and will be remembered...thx Squib
  14. It is a Lodge Dutch Oven... Just looked and it is a 8 quart 12 inch Diameter with the 3 peg legs.  I misspoke earlier.

    I also inherited a 20 quart Tex-sport dutch oven that I use for large outings with the Boy Scouts when we do a chili or stew......

  15. Very nice write-up on the restore of your Dutch Ovens, they look fantastic.  Cast iron is very forgiving if you treat it nicely.  :)  I used the grill instead of the self-cleaning cycle of my oven only to keep the fumes outdoors.  I simply put the grill on high and let it go for about an hour, it was well over 650 degrees which worked ok for my needs.  I beleive the self-cleaning cycle of an oven gets to 900 degrees.  I've also heard of people putting their DO in a nice hardwood campfire rather than an oven or grill.

    The stew looks fantastic!  I love cooking in my Dutch Ovens and cast iron skillets, and also use the feed containers, found them for around $5 at the local feed store (Tractor Supply or Farm and Fleet).  I get the same reactions from the neighbors when I have the smoker going and making the sides in the DO's...they come over and drool.

    Great pictures and write-up!  Appreciate you sharing.

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    A guy was throwing out three CI pans that were neglected, having build up on the side walls and a little rust.  I took them off his hands and straight to my buddy's sand blasting booth which made quick time of the work.  After rinsing in water and drying I seasoned it with lard @ 450* for a couple of hours kind of basting it occasionally.  After cooking in it I clean it with a plastic scraper for the crusty parts.  It has never touched soap and is only soaked if needed and lightly scrubbed with a plastic bristled brush.  Mostly it's wiped clean after use and sterilized during the preheating for the next cook.
  17. Looks great!  What kind of sausage did you use?  Care to share the link where you got those "Feed pans"?

  18. sqwib

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    Sorry, Links are not allowed, refer to post #24
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    In regards to the feed pans any farm or ranch supply is going to have them. Another good alternative is carried at the auto parts stores. Metal oil drip pan, and yes they still make metal ones.
  20. kathrynn

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    The Camp Dutch Ovens (which have legs) and the regular Dutch Ovens (no legs) do cook better than Crock Pots....think of the "air space around the crock inside the metal crock pot". The temp for CP's even on high is not going to be as high as you can get the temps with the cast iron....and the cast iron will be more conductive of the heat.  Now...with the steam issue....there are "drip drops" (meaning dimples...some are ridges and some are little spikes...depends on the Manufacturer) made into the lids of all DO's.  These will help keep the steam inside (not 100%) and help speed the cooking process too.

    I have an older one that I have my eye on at a local Antique store.  They want $25 for it...and it's bigger than the one I am borrowing from my Brother....which would be my Grandmother's DO.


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