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  1. I have been reading a lot on this forum and not posting. It gives me a lot of ideas, so with that in mind I would like to share a couple of dutch oven potato recipes that I have made hundreds of times and are always good. No need to peel the potatoes, just make sure they are clean and slice them thin. A great way to have a really cheap and good cookout, that will feed a lot of people. Throw in hot dogs and peach cobbler and you can feed people for about a dollar per person.

    1 lb bacon

    1 lb baby carrots

    3 lbs onions

    4 to 5 lbs red potatoes

    1/2 to one cube of butter

    1 lb sharp grated cheddar cheese 

    Cut the bacon in 1" squares and fry it in a big sauce pan  until it is cooked. I like mine just about crunchy. Remove the bacon and put on paper towels to remove the grease. Throw the grease away that was in the pan and wipe the grease out, but not the little brown bacon bits. Use the same pan to saute the onions in. Peel and dice the onions, saute them in the butter until the are translucent and then add the cooked bacon to them and season with johnny's season salt and pepper to taste and  let them cook for a while longer.

     I like to cook the ingredients in a # 12 dutch oven. I use 12 coals for the top of the oven and nine for the bottom. 300* is what you want for your temp for around 45 minutes. I also like to layer the ingredients and use season salt and pepper as I add everything except the cheese, it goes on the top last, while the potatoes are resting, with no heat. If you put it on too soon it will almost burn and not taste as good.  

     You can also use cauliflower or broccoli in place of the carrots, each of the veggies give the potatoes a different yummy taste.

    Poor mans dutch oven potatoes 

    4 lbs onions

    5 lbs russet potatoes

    1/2 to 1 cube of butter (2-4 ozs)

    1 to 1 1/2 lbs of sharp cheddar cheese.

    Saute the diced onions and season to taste, You can saute the onions in the dutch oven you are going to use, but you have to be careful, because the dutch oven will get too hot and burn the bottom layer of potatoes. Mix the potatoes and onions and salt and pepper as you mix. About 300* for forty five minutes to an hour. If you use the right number of briquettes, stirring the potatoes is not required. Of course the cheese goes on last, after taking the pan away from the heat.      

     The reason for dicing and sauteing  the onions is because there are a lot of finicky people that won't eat onions, especially that many, but they will never know they are there unless you tell them. No need for any other liquids on either recipe, the onions take care of that.  

     Please try the recipe before changing it. 
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    Sounds yummy, especially the first one. Who wouldn't love it with all that bacon.
  3. One other thing I have found after cooking many pans of these, if you let the pan of potatoes rest for 10 or 15 minutes after you take them off the heat they are twice as good!!!!!!!!
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    Thank you for sharing the recipes! I'll be trying it next weekend! Both sound like they'll be hits!
  5. Hope you enjoy them as much as all my friends. 


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