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Discussion in 'Special Dutch Oven Cooking Tips' started by fishin33, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. fishin33

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    I may get called out on this, but I love the DO liners you can pickup at Walmart or Cabelas, etc. I haven't used them with anything other than cobbler - but for those of you that DO when you are camping imagine making amazing cobbler and then pulling the liner out of the DO when you are done and your DO is perfectly clean! After I tried the first time I won't do it without them. Sure beats trying to boil water and scrape out all the left over crumbs and cobbler.

    Anyone else use these with breads or main dishes? Not sure how it affects the food by not being right on the seasoned oven. Cobbler doesn't matter in my opinion.
  2. fpnmf

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    I have used foil for many years when DOing sugary stuff!!

    Never had a complaint and I invite those that might have an issue to have a great time cleaning the stuff out!!

  3. venture

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    I would not go that way at home?

    When camping, lots of shortcuts come into play.  When does food ever taste better than when camping?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  4. adiochiro3

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    Last summer I switched from foil to parchment paper to line the DO for baking sugary/gooey stuff.  Works great, and is safer than aluminum (so say some experts).  pretty cheap, too.  Just have to make a few folds, but it's pretty easy.
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  5. venture

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    Excellent point!  Parchment paper is an unknown to some.  Anyone who has used it knows how useful and versatile it can be.

    The best thing I ever did was to get some parchment paper for my other half.  That is pretty sad, huh?  LOLOL

    Good luck and good smoking.
  6. ronrude

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    Parchment paper all the way for me.  I hate trying to get these things clean.  Just because I am cooking the old fashioned way doesn't mean it has to be an old fashioned pain in the rear.
  7. smokeamotive

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    NEVER!!!!  [​IMG]
  8. Where do you find Parchment paper? Outdoorworld?
  9. pops6927

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  10. ronrude

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    Walmart also sells Coleman brand round parchment DO liners in the camping section, but the roll is likely cheaper.
  11. I also use liners, either the Aluminum or Parchment but when I do my Chili dishes, I go naked, as not hard to clean up..  I get my liners at Sportsman's Warehouse..
  12. I have used the parchment papers for a dump cake and they got all soggy. But I have also used them for a fantastic pineapple upside down cake. Works great and you can flip it onto a plate with ease. I like the pineapple upside down cake so much I cook it in the oven in the winter.. A little cheating. [​IMG]
  13. TJ....Gonna have to change your username to RunningBear then....LOL LOL

  14. I love using parchment paper, especially in the DO when camping.

    Here is a pic from end of last August while making meatloaf and loading the DO up with carrots and potatoes.




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  15. Yes I've heard it to, but I too use the liners when doing a cobbler I love the cleanup, and plan to continue using them.

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