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    I am curious if anyone has any tips for Dutch oven cooking in a kamado.

    I found one video on Youtube, but it was overly general. It did (obviously) get my attention though. Interestingly, the cook used the Dutch oven without the lid. I assume he did this for the smoke, and because the kamado holds a moist environment.

    I am a newbie to dutch oven cooking, but becoming quite adept at the kamado.

    Any tips will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I have used my dutch oven inside my Big Green EGG many times. I have come to consider the cooking times and the temperature of my BGE with the dutch oven similar to cooking in a conventional oven.  I have found that it didn't  matter to much in the infused smoke with concerns to having a lid on or off. It seems the smoke finds its way in.  I have found that some things like beans will cook faster with the lid on rather than with lid off. I think this happens because the lid helps to hold the steam and the hot lid adds to the baking effect of the dome lid. I baked biscuits in a dutch oven with the BGE at 350 degrees they were perfectly done in 18 minutes. The dutch oven was at room temp when I started and I used the lid.  The biscuits still had a fine hickory smoke flavor. 

      When the biscuits were out of the oven in went the ingredients for a pear bread pudding. The pear bread pudding was done in  :45 minutes.  

    I cooked with a combination of natural lump and hickory wood chunks. 

    Give it a shot. I don't think you will be disappointed.   

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