Dutch Fried Chicken

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  1. OK guys and gals

    I know we are all about smoking, but sometimes need a change of pace.

    Here is my oven fried chicken.

    First it was seasoned and allowed to set. Then dredged in flour Then egg and buttermilk wash, Then into our dried potato flake and seasoned flour mixture.

    From there it goes into a preheated dutch oven filled with 1 inch of lard and oil mixture... in this case my NO 8 Deep skillet. The skillet placed back in the oven at 325 - 350 f

     OK now this takes awhile an average of 30 min then flip, and right back in the oven. Allow the same time to pass before removing and drained on racks.

    Now this is old school soul food fried chicken well worth the wait. Yes fried for an hour flipped once. the chicken is fall off the bone with crispy skin.
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  2. c farmer

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    Wow. That there is some good looking chicken.
  3. chef jimmyj

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    Looks good. An hour in the Pan/Lard and then how long in the oven? I would venture a guess that the lard is <300°F?...JJ
  4. I'm sorry, but you misunderstand. The lard and skillet are pre heated in the 350f oven. The chicken is dropped in the fats,and the pan put back into the oven with chicken in. It then cooks for 30 min in the oven in the oil, and flipped. Cooked another 30 then racked and drained. The chicken is allowed to almost slow cook yet not over brown the breading.  Cooking time varies but its pan frying rules. Golden brown then flip.

    Its easier than trying to maintain temp on a range eye or a bayou fryer.

    Its the closest I can get to batch frying in a pressure fryer.

    Try it..

    "after reading my original post I have made edits to clarify the procedure"
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  5. chef jimmyj

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    [​IMG]Ok that makes more sense to me. I have seen some low and slow deep frying, 310°F for 20-30 minutes but the 1 hour fry and Hot Oven was throwing me off.

    This does sound like a great technique. I have a 2Qt Fryer but some times I have larger groups to cook for. Thanks for the post and clarification...JJ [​IMG]  
  6. You can batch fry 10# chicken easy on your grill while sipping on your tasty beverage, and enjoying your parties company. Or throw some KFC clone on your kids while trying to maintain your daily with ease, but not setting in the drive thru while the guy cooking your chicken drops it in the floor before sweeping it into the bucket.
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  7. smokinal

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    Your chicken looks excellent!

    Crispy skin & juicy inside!

    Hard to top that!

    Points to you!

  8. disco

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    Love the crust on that chicken.


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