Dusted off my Weber Kettle Grill for father's day weekend w pics

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  1. As I planned for our fathers day weekend camping trip I realized that I had been neglecting my Weber Kettle Grill and probably hadnt used it for about a year. I have been using my smoker all I can and then my Weber Genisis Gas Grill when in a hurry.

    So I packed the kettle grill and let everything else home. We got to camp a bit late on friday and I had been wanting to try a roasted onion and garlic soup so I went ahead and got that going. I tossed on some hickory chunks to help add smoke to the onions and garlic then finally after I put it together I let it simmer on the grill for a couple of hours.



    On saturday the kids had asked for some bbq chicken legs so... we grilled some up. Once again added a bit of hickory to the coals for added flavor.


    Then for fathers day we were grilling some chops and some Jeff's Beans (my recipe) and all turned out well. I'm glad that I dusted off the kettle grill, I sometimes forget how much fun it is to use coals and there is no finer grill anywhere than the Weber Kettle Grill.

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    Nice post, and great Father's Day trip! 
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    Your no newbie, you know what your talking about!

    Chicken beans and chops looked great, the onions and garlic is beyond great, WOW!
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  4. Thank you for the kind words.

    A couple of thoughts on the Weber Kettle Grill... my very earliest recollection of any kind of grill and outdoor cooking was going to my grandparents home in Peoria and they always had ribs going on the Weber Kettles... when we would go for a visit it always called for a family get together so they brought several of these grills and put on a big cookout. I've been fascinated with outdoor cooking, grilling and smoking ever since.

    I have owned four of these over the years, three 22.5" and one 18.5". Now these grills are great and normally with very little care would last a lifetime. So this is how I have come to own four of them. My first 22.5" kettle was badly damaged when we did a poor job of tying it in the back of a truck one weekend and lost it on the highway at seventy mph. These are tough grills, but it didn't fare well when it hit the concrete at that speed! However, we loaded it back in the truck and I cooked a wonderful brisket on it the next day. I never could get it to seal tightly again and it was scratched and scarred up so eventually I did replace it with a new one. The second 22.5" kettle was a dark red one touch and wow that thing was sharp. I grilled a ton of great food on it and used it very often for a number of years.

    Then I won't bore you folks with all the details here but I had a serious back injury in 2001 which resulted in being paralyzed from the waist down for a period of time. While I was able to recover a lot and today I can walk with a cane a bit but my balance is shot. So... during all of this I was unable to do about anything outside and everything was difficult. It was then that I bought a Weber Genesis Silver B so I could press a button and grill. I kind of lost touch with my red kettle during this time and a number of years later we put the thing in a yard sale and sold it! What the heck was I thinking? Don't ever sell a grill that you love... that's just crazy! lol.Somewhere down the road a bit I picked up the 18.5" kettle for something a bit smaller to toss in the camper and tailgate with, then eventually I had to have a 22.5 kettle again and bought another one a couple of years ago. I have no intention of tossing any more grills from moving vehicles, nor will any of them ever be in a yard sale again so I expect that the two Weber Kettles that I currently own will last me for the rest of my life! Weber Kettle Grills are one of lifes simple pleasures, if you don't have one... you should! :)
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    I have 2 kettles & wouldn't trade them for anything!
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    I just re-introduced myself to the Weber Grills after a long hiatus with gas grills.  While convenient, the gas grill just doesn't compare to the versatility of the Weber grill.   Still learning all the nuances of lump but it's sure paying great dividends.
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    I got caught up in the gas grill rage back in the 70's, and I convinced myself I liked the food from it.  One day I ran out of gas and fired up the old Weber Kettle with charcoal.  It was only then that I remembered the difference.  After that, the gas grill made a handy shelf and a so-so charcoal starter.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  8. Holy Cow! What I would give to get a hold of a dark red 22.5" Weber Kettle.  Wow....

    I just bought my first Kettle a little over a month ago and I'm now looking back on all of the hours and meat I wasted grilling on something other than a Weber Kettle.  I am seriously eaten up with it.  In fact, I check craigslist everyday just to see what kettles are out there for sale by folks that just don't know any better. lol
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    sounds like a great camp out you had, great lookn Q
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    Nice Job keep forgetting about beans...........

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