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  1. frostop

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    I just started a fridge build and I have noticed a couple of guys that have used Durock/Wonderboard to line their smokers.

    My question to them is how has that worked out, I am a flooring sales person so that makes good sense to me seems like it would hold the heat well. I just wonder about cleaning, if that is an issue at all since it is on the walls?
  2. s2k9k

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    I used Durock in my smokehouse and it is great. I also found a high temp concrete RTV that I sealed all the seams with. It takes a little while to get to temp but once it does it holds the heat very well, my house is still hot 2-3 hours after I turn it off.
    I really only use it for jerky and sausage so I don't see cleaning to be an issue, I just put a rack with foil on it under the meat.
  3. frostop

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    Actually yours is one of the ones that I saw. Just checked yours out again, do you think that yours would get hotter than 180 with that element? Say 275?  I also pretty much only do sausage and jerky but it would be nice to be able to throw some ribs or pork butts in there from time to time. I already have one of those elements that I bought years ago to convert an old charcoal smoker that quickly got replaced with an MEC
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  4. s2k9k

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    I know it won't get to 275* and I really doubt it will go much over 180*, I haven't run it wide open for hours to find out though.
  5. frostop

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    Dave,  Thank you for the reply.

    Not sure if I will use the Durock/wonderboard, that would be the cheapest route.

    I may just use sheet metal and insulate even though it will cost more. Like  I said I already have the Brinkman element

    but I might go another route on that as well, I can get an 1800 watt heater element that runs on 120v.

    Again thank you for all the info.


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