Duo mods, season, results and Royal Oak issue

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by super fly, May 9, 2011.

  1. super fly

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    Here is my chimney extension. This is pre seasoned, coated in shortening.[​IMG]

    Here is the basket i made.


    I flipped the coal try upside down for a baffle. On the SFB side I used one of the longer extra bolts for the top hole when connecting the SFB to the MC and the baffle rest on top of it. On the opposite side I used one of the coal tray lifters to keep it suspended. I may use the two grates that came with SFB to rest it on in the future; I'm going to see how it sets in there that way.


    All seasoned up!



     Here it is in action. I need to seal around the lid somehow. That was mainly where it was leaking; especially in the back. I had a couple of small leaks around the thermometer and around where the chimney comes through the lid. Also, the paint on the SFB peeled off during season which I knew would happen so I was expecting it. Is it worth hitting it with some high heat rustoleum or will it just peel off again?


    End result. I think my temps were high because they were done quicker than expected, but I only had the lid thermometer to go by. I was keeping that at about 225.


    Also, I was using Royal Oak lump after reading good things about it here and other places. Is it normal to have random debris in with the lump? In the first two bags I have had something in each one. I didn't find these things until I went to clean out the ash. In the first bag was this piece of what looks like concrete and in the second bag was what looks like a piece of insulation. Is there a different coal I should be using?

  2. cliffcarter

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    Congrats on the new cooker and the first cook and yes finding stuff in lump is common, not just RO either. I found this in a bag of Made in Paraguay RO-

  3. jirodriguez

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    Grats on the first run.... and yes you were probably running high if you were just using the factory therm. When I had my Char-griller my factory therm was off by about 75°. As for the lump, it is hit or miss, sometimes RO is great other times not so much. Like Cliffcarter said a lot of brands have off and on issues with foriegn objects.
  4. richoso1

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    I'm in agreement, especially on the success of your first run. It's all good my friend.

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