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  1. Ok just got a phone call and was asked to do a brisket for the big game sunday.  Not a problem I have done many but my problem is TIME!!!  my question is if you cut a 14 lbs brisket in half would it cut my normal cook time half even with both pieces in the smoker??

    so normally my brisket is 16 to 18 hours.  so could I get this down to 8 hours if it is in 2 pieces??
  2. pineywoods

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    The smoke time would be almost cut in half. Sometimes it doesn't work out to exactly half but the time would be figured on the single largest cut of meat and not the total lbs in the smoker
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  3. bearcarver

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    Many wish that would be true.

    I never tried it, but I didn't think it would cut much time off.

    Jerry says it will, so I'll have to defer to him on this one.


    Now that I think about it, if an 8 pound butt takes 12 hours to get to pull, two of them won't take much longer, but if there was such a thing as a 16 pound butt, it would probably take at least 20 to 22 hours, so I would definitely agree with Jerry.
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  4. Sounds right to me - not exactly half the time but not as much (generic answer)   Remember, meat is done when it is done. Back time and allow a bit of wiggle room.  Good luck.
  5. Thanks guys guess I'll have to do some hands on research.   Looks like snow and 20 sunday morning.  going to start it hopefully around 7am.  Saturday night will be busy making 4 or 5 different ravioli with red sauce and some cayenne pepper pasta with alfredo sauce. 
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    Good luck hope she's done on time.
  7. jojo22

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    I would think, and this is just a thought, that if you made the thicker part "shorter" than the thinner part it would make them be done closer to time, and you are reducing the amount of meat from the outside to the center. But hey that's just my two copper circles worth
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    Now I have never done it before so I would have to agree with Jerry. If he says it I'd go woth it.
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    I did a 14 lb brisket last Sunday.  Due to the size of my GOSM, I had to cut it in half.  The flat took about 11 hours anf the point took about 13.  They were smooked at 225-250.  My wife thought it was the best brisket yet and I would have to agree.  Couldn't beat the price either-it was given to me by my brother!  I need to find out where he got it because it beat Walmart and Sams hands down.
  10. Ok another dumb idea, what if after 6 hours of smoke I move it inside to the oven to finish up??  How much smoke flavor is really added after 6 hours???  could smoke it from 6pm till midnight then goto bed.  wake up at 6am, 12 hours later and check it.  let it go till noon, 18 hours at this point should be almost done.  Then place it in the cooler till 4pm.  What do you guys think??  I know I'm breaking the smoking rules by using the oven, But HEY it's winter and cold outside!!!
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    When I don't want to spend the entire time running the smoker I smoke until foiling time then into the oven at 225 to finish them up. Some people think there's something wrong with doing this but honestly once in foil it doesn't matter what the heat source is and in foil it's not like it's gonna get any more smoke
  12. I've never foiled my brisket or mopped it.  I get a nice full packer, untrimmed with a THICK fat cap, rub it down good, place it in a vacuum bag over night then let it cook all day.  But it's always been in the summer and we eat alot later in the summer

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