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    It's been a while since I've posted but I wanted to share my duck stick smoke. I started with about 4lb of wild duck breasts which I ground. Then I added about 3lbs of 80/20 beef. After weighing the combined meats I added seasonings and tender quick. I used a combination of spices from Nepa's and bearcarver's recipes. Then they were stuffed into 21mm collagen casings and into the fridge for 24hrs. Here's they are after the fridge:

    And into the smoker. 3.5 hrs at 135-140 with smoke and then 4 hrs at 175 until IT of 155.

    Out of the smoker to cool than into the fridge.

    Then cut up and sealed. Money shot:[​IMG]

    One problem sort of I had was the the casings didn't bond to the meat real well. I ended up peeling off the casings from all the sticks. I actually liked them this way. Any ideas?
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    Those look great ,,,, Very nice
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    You can make them skinless

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