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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by tojo70, Nov 18, 2014.

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    I'm looking for a dual probe digital thermometer. I don't need the remote capabilities, so I would like to spend the money for a good dual probe thermometer to get the quality rather than payinig for the remote capability, but can not find one.
    I looked at the Maverick ET-83 but it states that it's for gauging two meats and not the oven temp. Not sure why it wouldn't work. Is it only because the second probe doesn't come with a holder or stand to stay off the grate? If I just get a "holder" for the second probe would that work?
  2. mneeley490

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    I don't see why not. I had two non-remotes that I used before I bought a Maverick E-732. For the smoker temp one I'd use a piece of chunk wood with a hole drilled thru it to insert the probe. When I couldn't find that, I'd just use a potato. Works fine.
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  3. daricksta

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    I own the Maverick ET-733. It was designed to monitor both food and smoker/oven temps. The Barbecue probe is for ambient temperature, the Food probe is for, well, food. It comes with two metal rack clips for the probes should you for some reason choose to have both probes on two different racks. I don't see the need to use wood blocks or potatoes.

    From my reading it looks like Mavericks like the ET-73 are older versions of their current models. I didn't see any ET-83 so that might have been a typo on your part. What confuses me is that when you go to the Maverick website they don't the ET-733 in their product line., just the ET-732. I guess they don't have an IT guy updating their site or it's a low priority for them.

    However, if you're looking for a simple, dual probe therm, all thermometer manufacturers make them. The most popular brands here seem to be Maverick and ThermoWorks. Weber markets therms under its nameplate, and there are many others. You just need to do some research to find out which are the most accurate for the price you want to pay.  
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  4. kerstingm

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    I just got an email about the new Maverick ET-733, is this seem to be one of the better ones out there? When I have researched the remote therms Maverick is the #1 name that popes up. I am not seeing them sold locally though? 
  5. daricksta

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    You can buy them on Amazon.com. I bought mine from Todd Johnson through his A-MAZE-N web site. http://www.amazenproducts.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=40

    It was the same price as on Amazon but I support Todd in every way I can. Also, like Amazon, Todd offers free shipping for orders over $34. Besides, it you ever have a question or an issue to discuss with him, you can contact Todd thru PM here or email him through his website. My experience has been he quickly responds to all emails/messages. The guy is a really great businessman and provides outstanding customer service.

    If/when the probes short out and the thing is out of warranty I'll buy replacement probes from him. I don't know if the 6' probes are better made than the 3' ones but the shorter probes work fine with my MES 30 Gen 1.

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