DTG Smoke #6 - Not pork butt...

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  1. Well, I was going to smoke a pork butt this time.  Not gonna happen, I'm afraid.  I pulled it out of the fridge, cut open the plastic, and it was rotten.  It was only five days old.  Luckily, I had a brisket too.  So smoke number six is going to be the same ole same ole.  But hey, who doesn't like Q-view anyways, right?

    Eleven pounder.

    Simple rub:

    1 tbsn pepper

    1 tbsn cayenne pepper

    1 tbsn salt

    1/2 tbsn cinnamon (why?  just because.)

    1/4 cup paprika

    1/4 cup brown sugar

    I criss-crossed the fat cap this time instead of trimming it.

    Just about ready to put it on the smoker.

    You can peruse my last smoke if you want.  It didn't get much coverage, and it was the best brisket I've ever eaten!!

  2. woodcutter

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    Bummer about that butt.
  3. I know.  I'd just spent a copious amount of time reading about how to cook them, and was pretty excited as I was opening the wrapper.  LOL.  It freakin' STUNK!  My first thought was to evacuate the house and burn it down.
  4. Here's the finished product.  I foiled it at about 145* so I could finish off the rest of the smoke with wood.  Oddly, this brisket didn't stall, and the entire cook time was about nine hours.  I brought it all the way to 202* before I pulled it, and let it rest for 1.5 hours.  It wasn't as good as last time, but it was still very good.

    Question:  When it's foiled, I can have as much smoke rolling out of the stack as I want without risk of creosote, right?

  5. woodcutter

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  6. driedstick

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    Wow that looks great
  7. Looks good enough to eat. LOL. Great job. How big was the brisket? Couldn't read it on my iPad. What was ur avg smoker temp and how long did it take to bring it to 202*?
  8. Thanks guys.

    The brisket was 11 lbs.  Average temp was about 210*.  It took nine hours.  But in my opinion, this is a freak number.  There was no stall, and it went from 160* to 200* very quickly.
  9. Thanks, DTG. That's DG information. Really liked the QViews too.
  10. venture

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    Great recovery!

    With five days, you were pushing that Butt to the limit?

    On the other hand it looked cryopacked and should have been OK?

    Have to wonder about the seal on the cryopack or how it was handled before you got it?

    Guess I should add that cryopacked meat can have a different smell?  But what you described sounds extreme?

    Either way?  Looks like you had a great meal!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  11. It was in a vacuum sealed bag that it comes in from the store.  It didn't have a 'different' smell, LOL.....it had a 'DIFFERENT' smell!  As soon as I poked the knife in the wrapper I could smell it.  So I cut it open and bent down and took a big whiff.  Big mistake.  Yeah, it was bad.

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