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  1. I am anxious to dive into making sausage, however, i do not have at the current time a smoker capable of running at 100 deg or so for drying. I am exploring a few options and just have not made a decision yet. I am trying to find another way to dry links before smoking. Air drying? relative humidity here in montana right now is about 45-50%. Oven drying? I do have a double oven that has a bread proofing cycle in it. I was just looking for input on alternative drying methods until I get some kind of smoke house going. In the beginning I am planning on doing relatively small batches (5-10 lb) until I get my ducks in a row and equipment upgraded.


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    Hey Iron Horse,

        What style of sausage are you talking about making? Most of the drying I do prior to smoke is done in my fridge. You want the sausage to form a pelicle so the smoke will stick. I guess I've never given this much thought and maybe am mis reading your post. Curious to hear what others have to say... Happy Smoking, Smokin - K
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    what kind of smoker do you have? hang it at room temp for a bit. pat it dry with paper towels to get any excess moisture off

    hang it or lay it in your cooler over night  on paper towels and uncovered or hanging. take it out of cooler and let it hang at room temp for a bit

    fire  up the smoker and throw it in. I use a propane smoker now and I turn it on as low as i can get it which is about 100* when its 40 out and put the sausage in for an hour with no smoke. then put the wood to it ! so to speak!  I have done allot of sausage and haven't found much difference when I started the smoke with the sausage a little damp yet.  I smoke a minimum of 6 hrs and can tell by the cooler when it has enough smoke.  brother Nepas will chime in shortly for more great advise.[​IMG]
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  4. Yeah I guess I wasn't very specific. Eventually about every kind, summer, kielbasa, peperoni, pepper sticks to name a few. I figure that with things like unstuffed snack stick and such that overnight in the fridge is fine. But from what I read is that on your bigger cased stuff you need to dry the casings thoroughly or the smoke will leave blotches. Most of what i read says to start at no more than 100 deg until the casings are dry to the touch or 1 hour (Nepas) then add smoke. I have never tried air drying and don't know how long that takes. I will be curing most of it so that should not be a real problem. Just tossing things around.


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    Got it... Your drying out makes perfect sense. My Propane smoker's pilot like keeps things at a perfect 100 so I've never really had to worry about it much. I suppose for the first hour you could wave the door open and closed to keep it cool enough to dry out. And then like Lar says put the wood to it.. Just an idea. What smoker do you have? K
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    You just want them dry before you start the smoke anywhere between 100 and 130 will work in the smoker. you can hang them in the house with a fan blowing on them if that works for ya.

    What do you have for a smoker? Low temps at important. Being able to set it at 100 is good  but you also need to keep it under 170-175 too.
  7. Right now I have a Traeger 075, and a AMNPS (newly arrived, love it!) in addition to my grills. Iookng at either a fridge build, small smokehouse, or MES 40 haven't made up my mind yet.
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    Ironhorse, evening.....  I use a fan...  Hang 'em on a clothes rack or something....  Turn the fan on 'em for an hour or so..... Works for me....  Hanging in the fridge works great... the refer has automatic dehydrating capabilites built in.... condensating plates.... etc....and a fan for circulation too.....  perfect...   Dave

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    Lot's of good ideas here. 
  10. If you are using any  edible collagen casings they don't ever really get wet and there is no real need to "dry" them, and they also make mahogany colored ones so you don't have to worry about them "coloring" up, a lot of people use these for sticks and SS mostly, but I have seen folks use them for just about everything
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    Depending on the ambient temp, I'll either dry my links in-house in front of a fan, or use the smoker.

    For some reason, my wife prefers I use the smoker....[​IMG]

    Polish Interior decorating at it's finest....


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  12. Lots of good ideas, thanks guys. I think maybe I am overthinking this a bit.[​IMG]
  13. Lots of good ideas, thanks guys. I think maybe I am overthinking this a bit.[​IMG]
  14. oops! double post[​IMG]

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