Dry run on the new (sort of) MES....some questions?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by worktogthr, May 13, 2014.

  1. Well I picked up an MES 30 on Craigslist and today I was messing with it just to see what temp is displayed vs the temp on my maverick which reads 212 exactly in boiling water. I got some interesting results. Placed the temp probe roughly in the middle of the smoker and set the MES for 275.

    Here she is...

    This was very confusing to me as I thought the smoker only went to 275.

    Didn't think the MES thermostat would be that far off. Anyone else experience this? Thanks!
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  2. Yup - my MES gets over 300 easily when I turn it all the way up. Move your probe around & learn where your couple hot spots are - you'll be glad you did  [​IMG]   The MES factory therm is well known to be way off...
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  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I will definitely mess around with the placement of the maverick smoker probe. Can't wait to get my AMNPS and mess around with that too. Does it get hot enough for crispy chicken skin?
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  4. Well to be honest it depends - at least with mine... YMMV with yours... Some days it does good & others not so much. On the "not so much" days I just crisp it on the grill quick if I want to eat the skin...
  5. Feel fortunate that you got one of the good ones .Many can't get anywhere close to set temperature,they are running low .I called Masterbuilt and told them mine was going to 330 and was told not to worry it won't hurt anything .Just know what the difference is and adjust accordingly . Another thing is the placement of the Maverick probe .I think if you put it too close to the back wall you will see much higher temps than MES set temp.
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  6. I am happy as hotter is definitely better. My maverick probe was pretty much right in the middle of the smoker so I think the reading was pretty accurate. I don't stress about temps too much so I know to adjust roughly 50 degrees from the MES temp

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