Dry Cured Turkey Filet/Beef Chuck Tenderloin on the MES

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by twoalpha, Feb 14, 2015.

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    Great meat snacks that easy to eat and easy to prepare. Bearcarver's directions works again. I had used this same process on pork tenderloins and wanted to try this on turkey breast filet and beef chuck tenderloins. Results were great and the taste was IMHO top of the line. The beef chuck tenderloins reached 165 IT about 30 minutes quicker than the thicker turkey meat and were pulled at that time. Had string tied the turkey to maintain shape. It was a cold windy day in NC and the MES did well. Smoked both at the same time as they were both to finish at 165 IT.

    Turkey Breast Filet/Beef Chuck Tenderloin     
    2/5/14.4 oz. Tender Quick/Lb.2 Tsp. brown sugar/Lb.Dry cure in refrigerator.
    2/13/15Remove from cure and rinse. Coat with seasoning and back in refrig. Overnite uncoverd.
    2/14/15Set out to from pellicle
    Turkey Breast/Beef Chuck Tenderloin
    WeightChipsBPOG seasoning
    1# ea.Hickory/Apple  
    2/14/15MES Set TempMaverick IT Temp
    1 Hour170102
    2 Hour170  bump to 180118
    3 Hour180 bump to 190131
    4 Hour190 bump to 210138
    4.5 Hour210 bump to 230140
    5 Hour230145
    5.5 Hour230 Bump to 250156
    6.5 HourTurkey Done165

    Beef ChuckTenderloin before curing.

    Turkey and Beef cured and ready for the smoker.

    Fresh from the smoke.

    Could not wait any longer to try.

    Real close up great texture

    Turkey smoked and ready to eat.

    Color was just right.

    All is good.

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  2. bearcarver

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    That All looks Great, two alpha!! !![​IMG]

    I'm Real Glad it worked out for you!![​IMG]

    Looks Mighty Tasty!![​IMG]------------------------[​IMG]

  3. c farmer

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    That looks great.

    Could you tell they were cured?

    I am a curing additic. I need to try this.
  4. twoalpha

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    Yes, I could see the color change all the way through to the center of the piece of meat. 
  5. c farmer

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    Could taste it? Taste cured?
  6. thats some great looking stuff there.

  7. smokeraiser

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    Nice job. Are you using a MES 30 or 40?
  8. twoalpha

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  9. Those look terrific, great color       [​IMG]


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