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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by peterinslo, Sep 22, 2016.

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    Had a BBQ at my house for some friends and I had a friend pick me up a 10 lb flat from Costco. I guess Costco didnt have one with a point so I had to make due. I threw it on the traeger at 3 AM to smoke for 10 hrs. 5 hrs unfoiled and 5 hrs foiled after it gotto 160 degrees F. Because it was a flat I wanted to get it really tender so I decided to go really low and really slow. Bumped it to 12 hrs at 195-200 F. I think this is what completely ruined the brisket. After sitting in a cooler for a couple of hrs I cut into it and it was not what I wanted at all. Super stiff, no moisture, very little flavor. I just want to get some input on what yall think that went wrong. I've done brisket once before that turned out pretty good. It was the exact opposite of what happened this time, almost too tender and moiste sooooo good. I think what went wrong was cooking it too low, not enough fat, and too long of a cook time for the cut of meat. 

    Let me know what yall think.

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    First of all welcome to SMF!

    I'm not sure I understand your process.

    You smoked it for 5 hours until the IT was 160, then foiled it for 7 more hours.

    When you mention 195-200, was that the smoker temp or the meat temp.

    The brisket needs to get to 200-205 in most cases to be done, sometimes they are done at 195, but usually they need to go higher.

    What was the brisket IT when you pulled it out?

    It sounds to me like it was undercooked.


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