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Discussion in 'Beef' started by wspiegel97, Jul 28, 2014.

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    Well I tried a brisket this weekend 7/28. It was 10 lbs before the trim and thought I would get up and get it started about 3:30 figured it would be done in about 12 hours. I was running about 240 - 250 deg on my smoker. I wrapped in foil @ 8am when it was @ 175 deg. Everything went really well except I hit 199 deg at 11:30. Way to early because plans to eat were @ 6pm. So I wrapped in towels and put in cooler till about 4pm then separated the point and cut that for burnt ends and put the flat back in the cooler. I pull from cooler at 5:30 to slice and it was really dry. Just killed me to serve dry brisket to friends. Not happy I spent all day on and did my best to save it when it finished early. I am still new to smoking so have much to learn but kills me when things don't go as planned. 

    Just wanted to ask and see if I am correct in thinking I let it set too long and that's why it dried out?

  2. Hello.  As I told you in the PM I trim AFTER the smoke.  You can always trim the fat at the end but you can't always add moisture after the fact.  Chef Jimmey J has a really good Au Jus for brisket.  It isn't a bad idea to have that pre made just in case it's needed and serve it on the side.  Great Au Jus.  Some briskets no matter what you do turn out a little dry.  Check all therms you are using.  Might be that the therms were wrong and you were cooking at higher temps ( not a bad thing ) for too long ( a bad thing ).  My Tx. friend Gary S. has a couple great posts on briskets ( links below )  have a read and try again.  Keep Smokin!



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    These things are hard to master bro. Stick with it and document everything you do each time with the results and see where the common problem might be and adjust. Took me a couple years and doing a couple a months but boy I put out some killer brisket now.

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