Dry Aged Rib Eye Loin

Discussion in 'Beef' started by lfroberts5, Mar 31, 2012.

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  2. lfroberts5

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    They tasted great..however...I think the time and effort was to much for the taste of the steaks...I think I will stick to a great cut of steak with my special seasoning and leave it at that...
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    I was looking at getting a vacuum bagger & ran across this website.


    I know, like any of us have room for another piece of equipment.  Some people have aged for up to 45 days with their set up.  A lot of the people prefer not to trim the meat before grilling, stating that's where the concentrated flavor is.  I suppose like Bark on a smoked brisket.

  4. tigerregis

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    A rib-eye loin? That's a new cut to me. Where did you get it?
  5. lfroberts5

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    At the local butcher shop...
  6. tigerregis

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    Well I guess the local butcher can call it whatever he wants. There was at one time a "Philadelphia" front that had one more rib bone than others. It baffles me that you can get anything off a front that would be called a "loin". It is antithetical to every cutting diagram I have seen. A rib is a primal cut off the front. Loins come from the hind. It's like calling a hand a foot and vice-versa. Even if it is the same muscle a rib eye is not a strip steak. TG for USDA and its nomenclature. Their names are separate and distinct. I'm not saying any more on this.

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