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  1. Well between the rub and the beer with the maple flavored Crown Whiskey,also I soaked it in a very good Brine the drunck chickens turned out fantastic , I also cooked up some Crawfish Etoufee and set it in the smoker with Cherry Wood for 2 hours and it had a flavor I hadn't expected . It was AWESOME and everyone else thought so.Jeff your rub was excellent on the yard bird!I decided to kick the flavor up a little and thats when I decided to add the Maple Flavored Crown to the Beer and steamed the insides while it was cooking with the rub on the outside.This was one tasty, moist, tender bird.The cherry smoke really gave the Etoufee an execent aroma and an additional flavor that I didnt expect to be that good but it was also AWESOME! I love smokin!
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    Hey wildsmoker. 

    It all sounds great, but No Qview??  You know what happens when you tell about great smokes but leave out the pictures for us to drool over?


    Now go to your room...[​IMG]


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