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  1. Chicken legs were on sale for 55 cents a pound so I figured I'd practice on them. I've read a lot about the skin turning out badly and decided to do it the following way:

    -simple brine for an hour

    -rinse and pat dry, sprinkle some rub

    -20 minutes each side at 325* with a bit more rub and some sea salt on the skin only

    -30 minutes at 300*

    -turn down heat to 225* and brush on a layer of hot wings sauce and then a layer of regular bbq sauce immediately after, both sides

    -Kept an eye on them so the sauce wouldn't burn

    These were so good!! Most of the fat had rendered nicely from the initial high heat so as to crisp them up. I like heat and so the hot wings sauce under the sweetness of the bbq with the added rub and salt... Super juicy with crispy (but not crackling' crispy) skin. Salty, spicy, and sweet. Yum. I'm sad that I filled up on guacamole and could only fit three into my belly.

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    Nice looking chix!
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    Nice drums, they sure look tasty ! Thumbs Up

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