Driving in Chiang Mai Thailand

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by thailandphil, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. You guys might enjoy this--Little of what it's like driving here--Keep eye open for 2 collage girls one riding side saddle--That's how they ride when in skirts--Don't know how they stay on--Link from youtube  Scooters are like flies damn pest--Thailandphil
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    Thanks for sharing that Phil. We like to see things like this where members are from.
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    sure can't hang your arm out the window !
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    I think I am still dizzy just from watching that - man that is crazy
  5. Unreal...you have to have your head on a swivel when riding there....Glad i live in the woods after watching that!![​IMG]
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    Holy Moly, where's the truck to scrape up the road kill? Kinda reminds me of Saigon back in the day! I thought they were nuts, too. Scooters and bicycles everywhere.
  7. It is alot like Saigon. Those were the days bro. Two tours in Nam-67-70 Rifle Platoon 196th Light Inf Bdg. I,m in chat here from 7pm on your time. Would like to talk sometime. Phil
  8. Hey Phil I love how those Bikers split the lanes, it's like they think the dotted lines are for the two wheelers...LOL

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