Drippings or no drippings?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by swyftfeet, Nov 16, 2014.

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    My wife and I are in disagreement and I need some back up. Yesterday I smoked a 8.5lb pork blade roast. Had ten folks over and everyone loved it.

    I have a vertical propane smoker that has a water bowl that I keep full and smoke the pork for about 5hrs. I lined a cast iron frying pan with foil and put it directly under the roast to catch all the drippings. At the 5-6 hr mark I plopped the roast in the frying pan and thoroughly wrapped the whole assembly in foil; stuck in a preheated 275deg oven and took it out once it hit 195 internal temp. About another 4-5 hrs.

    Anywho after everyone chowed down and I was bagging the remains up, I poured all the juice from the frying pan into the zip lock.

    The wife promptly told me that I was disgusting and it makes the pork all slimy when cold.

    I told her she's lucky that it isn't 1600AD, cause I probably couldn't save her from the pitchforks and a town square burning with an attitude like that!

    So opinions please.
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  2. I would have definitely defatted the drippings first. Its probably half fat anyway. Pour the juice in a container and in the fridge. Later separate the congealed fat on the top and the rest is gravy. 
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    I do it all of the time, As well as freeze some and save for later.

    Happy smoken.

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  5. Who cares what the consistency of it is "when it's cold"?? How does it taste when it's "hot"? That's 'pork crack' for the addicts wanting a trip to taste-town.

    Defense rests.
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    If you don't de-fat the drippings I can see her point.
    When its cold its waxy with the fat and can be slimy when warm.
    Do yourself a favor next time... defat the drippings and add some back to the pork as a finishing sauce and don't tell her as her mind is already made up. If she likes it, let the cat out of the bag.
    BTW my wife likes to pick at the pork when cold.
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