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  1. The info here is great, (actually been LURKEN for about a month), lots of info, and questions.   One wonders thou - do you try to catch the drippens, or just let them pass through?  When you smoke a turkey, or chicken wouldn't the drippens cause more smoke or fire?
  2. Depending on how much bark you like on the meat you can put the turkey or chicken on a foil pan.  I rather like to use a large beer can like the Fosters "oil" can beer;It is round enough to fit in the cavity of the turkey, kind of like a beer can chicken.  This way you can have the turkey upright to get the most smoke possible and still catch the drippings in the foil pan.  Hope this helps.  Happy smoking.  Just an FYI remember to remove the temperature gauge that comes in the turkey.  Long time and even low temperatures will melt it and that makes a nice little fire.  I know from experience.
  3. You are supposed to say "don't ask me how I know"  that way you can redirect the experieance to your cousin, brother, next door neighbor .................[​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]
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    Most smokers have the fire seperated from the meat by either a water pan, or are offset smokers with a seperate firebox. So drippings do not hit the fire directly, causing flare ups like a grill. Most of the time I only catch the drippings when I do pork butt or brisket.
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    I always use a water pan, I don't like sour smoke myself. That's just me. Then again I like super hot peppers where as some folks don't. Find what works for you I say. [​IMG]
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    Indirect heat = no flare ups. I use a drip pan for brisket for the nice Au-Jus later  [​IMG]
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    I also use a water pan and the chip tray between the flames and the meat. But I don't keep the juices that comes off the meat for gravy or jus. So it's good to have you here and believe me you will learn some really good things from the group of folks here at Smoking Meat

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