Dried up country style pork ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by yat-yas, May 23, 2016.

  1. yat-yas

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    My wife is to the point she is sick of CSPR because I keep trying to get them right.
    I had heard 3-2-1. That didn't work. So I cut some time, still dry.
    Tonight I tried 1 hour on the smoker, then wrapped and added apple juice for an hour and finished with 10 mins out of foil. Still dried up.
    I use a dry rub that we like, no mustard or anything.
    I am using electric and have been using it for maybe 6 months.
    What am I doing wrong with these?
  2. smokerjim

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     i smoke them once in awhile usually about 2-21/2 hours at 225 they come out good, you could try to soak them in a salt brine for an hour or 2 before smoking maybe that will help 
  3. I smoke CSR's till IT reaches 170 (about 2 hrs.). Then I transfer to a covered roasting pan with a grate on the bottom with some apple juice. I baste with a butter, vinegar, spice mixture (i stick of butter, 2 tbls of vinegar, Greek seasoning, chili powder, garlic and onion powder, black pepper, chipolte to taste).  They go back on the smoker with the lid on until they reach 190 to 200, about an additional hour. Between the baste and the steam from the braising, I don't have a problem with drying out. The picture is of some CSR's with the butter baste applied ready to be put back on the smoker covered to brase/steam for an additional hour.

  4. yat-yas

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    What kind of fat content are you getting? The ones I get from a reputable source are very lean. But they are lean anyway correct?
    I will have to try the brine.
    Shouldn't I have gotten the same effect from wrapping them in foil with apple juice? Although adding butter sounds really good too.
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  5. daveomak

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    Purchase a butt and cook it....  then slice into CSRs...    I can't get "pre sliced" to stay moist...
  6. krooz

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    I've failed at getting right on the smoker as well. Now I rub 'em and cook in the oven for 2 hrs at 250 in a foil covered broiler pan (with a can of beer poured in the bottom). Remove and let em cool down to firm up and grill about 8 min or so per side, basting with favorite BBQ sauce. Always come out great......
  7. yat-yas

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    Thathe sounds about the easiest way.
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  8. Where I live there are two different cuts sold as CSR's. One contains a portion of the loin and the first ribs back from the neck. Since they contain  loin meat they are pretty lean. The other is basically strips cut from the butt and contain a fair amount of fat.They have nothing to do with ribs although sometimes they contain part of the shoulder blade. I like these better although I cook both types. The ones in the picture are loin type I believe.

    Another technique to combat dryness is to use a turkey baster to baste the CSR's when they are braising. The original apple juice has been joined with butter, vinegar, spices and rendered pork fat.

    I do these all the time because of their relatively short cooking time.
  9. idahopz

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    Agree with what has been posted.  The only way I do CSR (boneless or bone in) these days is in a pressure cooker with black beans and dried chiles when I want a quick but savory pork and bean dish.
  10. joe black

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    What Bad Moon said is basically how I cook mine. First, I only use the shoulder cut, never the loin cut because it's too lean. For my braise, I use Jeff's sauce with honey and apple juice. It's about equal amounts of each and I make enough to be sure the CSR's ar at least 1/2 way into the braise. This method works for me and hey are never dry.

    Good luck with them, Joe. :grilling_smilie:

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