Dried Salami Sticks

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by nepas, Feb 21, 2015.

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    Last batch i made mt wife took em all down......Baaahahahah

    Remember this recipe uses cure #2 and is a Len Poli recipe. Please do not post his recipe without his permission. Look on his site for Italian Style salami sticks. This is easy for a beginner.

     I'm using sheep casings, after the rinse of the salt iI soaked the sheep casings in CWW = Cheap White Wine for 45 mins. Theses casings are tubed.

    As mentioned above. Please refer to Len's site for the recipe.  I mixed 1/4 tsp T-SPX with 1/4 cup cold distilled water and added a pinch of dextrose to the bactoferm, set this aside and mix in LAST before stuffing.

    Stuffing. I used up some 19mm smoked collagen casings also.

    If you have all the fancy cure equipment, by all means use tt. Being in the Motorhome i have found the way around all the equipment and still produce great quality SAFE dry cure.

    I made a hanging bare from one side wall to the other. My temps are easily maintained at 84* and R/H in the 70* range.

    See ya in 7 days
  2. Looking good so far!

    Happy smoken.

  3. Nice, Looking Great

  4. boykjo

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    I'm in........[​IMG]  

    I started a test today with my double door merchandiser. I bought some cheap table salt and filled a large tray with salt and added water to the top of the salt  and place it at the bottom of the merchandiser to get the humidity up to 70%. The humidity is running around 25% in the house with the central heat running and the temp stays right at  70 degrees. After a few hrs it was at 55% RH. If I can get it to hold 70% I'm gonna dry cure something. [​IMG]
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    Looks good. I will stay tuned in.
  6. Those look like great. A real work of art for sure. Nice job with the stuffing. I tried the sheep casing several times and finally gave up for now. Thanks for the link to Len Poli's site.

  7. nepas

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    What kind of controls do you have.
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    Looks great ! Thumbs Up
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    I hate stuffing those small casings. [​IMG]
  10. Are the small casings hard to stuff ?  I haven't got into sausage making yet  But I'm taking it all in

  11. sam3

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    Not that bad Gary, you might need to add a little more water to the mix to help it out.

    I have a tall 11 lb vertical stuffer, so it's top heavy. I have to clamp it down real well to keep it secure while cranking. It's a bit of a PITA for me.
  12. Thanks,   I'm thinking of a 5#  I wont be doing that much

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    Bet that motorhome smells good!
  14. nepas

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    Dried sticks are done, taste great (i may even get a few this time)

    Gotta love them UTZ cheese ball tubs.

  15. Is that my Jar ??

  16. Those are some great looking sticks. Makes my mouth water...

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