Dreaded stall has me up late...

Discussion in 'Pork' started by msuiceman, May 15, 2015.

  1. Decided early afternoon to smoke a smallish butt I had defrosted. 6.8lbs.... 10.5 hours later I'm at 165, it was stalled at 160 for a long, long, long time.

    Looks like its needing a few more hours, so looks like I'm pulling a late one. Doesn't help that my wife is back in the hospital, so I'm taking care of a 5 y/o and a 7 day old. Got my hands full.

    I doubted I was going to sleep much because of the baby, didn't know it was really going to be because of the pork butt.
  2. demosthenes9

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    Turn the heat up  [​IMG]
  3. rmmurray

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    How's it coming? Just tend to the kids, the meat will do its own thing. Just like feeding a baby, the butt will be done when it's done. I hope your wife returns home soon. Good luck.
  4. ZERO sleep. bad night for the 7 day old (which in turn means bad night for me). But anyways, the butt is at 191 right now, it hit a slight second stall it seemed like at 180. I may turn up the heat a bit to 250 to try to bring it up the last couple degrees before my day really gets going.
  5. rmmurray

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    Keep it going and keep us posted. I just put my butt on about an hour and a half ago. I considered starting it last night ,but after several beers, I changed my mind. 4 AM came too early 😉.
  6. bumped it up to 255 trying to get this thing finished before a trip to the hospital to see mom. man, this butt is STUBBORN. taking as long as some 11lb butts I've done in the past.
  7. All done at 19 hours.. I have to say, it looks and smells great.
  8. rmmurray

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    That does look good. Are you planning to rest it before pulling?
  9. b-one

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    Looks tasty! Hope you get some sleep soon!
  10. c farmer

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  11. I rested it for 2 hours foiled and tented. It pulled very easily, little vinegar/drippings finishing sauce applied. Great flavor, wish the bark had a bit more flavor, needed more salt (though I am trying to keep that down a little). Overall an A-, which is still quite good, but not quite perfect as my last couple have come out. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing, where the others were better planned.
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    Purdy.....Hope the Mrs. is well....
  13. rmmurray

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    Good for you! Mine turned out well today too.
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