drag racing weekend with 15 friends and family and my UDS

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  1. hi guys 

    i have been away on a long weekend watching drag racing 

    i was camping with 15 friends and family we had great sunny weather a good few beers and food cooked on my home made ugly drum smoker


    we saw top fuel dragsters

    we ate fatties on friday night ,the two bacon wrapped fatties were hamburger meat with cheddar cheese and onion ring stuffing.

    the larger fatty was hamburger meat with chopped crispy bacon, chopped onion, red sweet pepper and cheddar cheese stuffing

    on saturday i did 6 chickens 2x jerk 2x bajian and 2x tex- mex  and i did pulled pork on sunday but i have no photo's as i had been drinking beer and it was all i could do to serve up the food in one piece lol 

    we also saw nitro burning funny cars

    this is the famous santa pod sign the home of british drag racing and the fastest 1/4 mile track outside of the states
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    Looks great!!!

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    Jelousy keeps sneaking up...[​IMG]
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    Sweet !

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