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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by simple, Jun 21, 2015.

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    It was a freebie from the side of the road:      

    I found the clean out door of the firebox facing the cooking chamber so I fixed that. Used a tube of high-temp RTV on the obvious leaks, scraped out the firebox and CC (very little rust!), went over the exterior rust with some 80 grit then wiped it off with rubbing alcohol (it didn't make sense to use water, and we always have rubbing alcohol around). I rubbed the inside of the firebox lid and the outside of both chambers with some bacon juice, then tossed some KF into the firebox and let 'er rip:

    There's still  gaps on both lids that need to be tended to, and I think i've found some donor metal:

    That's the lid of the gasser I rescued at the same time. The diffusers, burners and bottom of the cooking chamber are swiss cheese. I have another project in mind for the frame. When I started disassembling it, I realized the lid has just about the same curve as the firebox on the offset. Seems to me I could use it to add a second layer to the inside of the firebox lid. Thoughts? 

    The main idea is to do this without spending any money. So far, other than the tube of RTV, I'm good.

    Does anybody know of a different photo hosting site other than photobucket? It is so full of ads, it's about as useless at teats on a boar.
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    Flickr is a good photo hosting site.
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    Thanks! I think I actually have an account set up there I forgot about. 
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    Not much of an update on this. I've got it pretty well sealed with red permatex. After sanding and seasoning it inside and out with bacon drippings and a long burn, I stumbled across a partial can of plastidip in the shed.

    Figured "why not?" and washed an area with hot soapy water, waited a few minutes for the Oklahoma sun to bake it dry and gave the area a few thin coats. Didn't figure it could hurt anything, and I might learn something new. So far, I'm happy with it. No issues with it burning off, doesn't seem to smoke or smell when it gets hot. I figure it has a (very) limited insulating factor compared to paint.. Priced it in the store compared to the Rustoleum high-temp bbq paint and it's a couple dollars more per can. I think one can would more than cover this smoker.

    I extended the exhaust about 3 feet hoping it would reduce the back flow with the breeze blowing down the smoke stack and overpowering the draw. It helped, but wasn't enough. I was browsing around surplus/damaged freight store and came across a Type B Gas Stove Pipe Vent Top for 5 bucks, so I grabbed it and stuck it on. I now have rain protection and the wind doesn't blow down the exhaust any more. I hit the extenstion with the plastidip too.

    Working on a few more things and will probably turn around and sell it once I'm done tinkering with it.

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