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  1. I took a page out of Bearcarver’s book and decided for our Boy Scout Christmas Party I would double smoke a ham as my contribution to our Christmas potluck dinner. I should first note that I am usually one of the guys that does ALMOST all of the cooking for the adults on our trips (the Boys do their own, we are a Boy Lead Troop and they have been taught well) and I'm always asked "what are you cooking up this time?" They know we eat good and my love for trying things...... That being said we've planned this party 2 months in advance and as the time drew near we realized we had more people coming than main dishes of meat..... SO I took that as an opportunity to Double Smoke a Ham for the Troop. I did 2 of them, one for the house (10 lbs) and one for the Troop (13.5 lbs) bone in hams. The only addition I made to Bear's recipe was that I added a little pineapple juice to the glaze and with 1.5 hrs left in the smoke I added pineapple rings with toothpicks to the hams.....All I can say is WoW!!!!!

    I must tell you, if you have NOT tried the Double Smoked Ham that Bearcarver put out there, you have NO IDEA what you are missing! I had SO MANY people when they walked in the Church Hall say "It smells like something was smoked!" or I heard "What did you cook for the dinner?" When I told them I tried something different many said "Oh I have no doubt it will be good, I haven't had anything you cooked that wasn't!” Man they didn’t have a clue what they were in for!

    I would say it went very well... We had close to 65 people come, 1 smoked ham, 1 baked ham and 1 turkey and I brought home less than 1/2 lb of scraps and I mean scraps... But those will be used for my scrambled eggs!!!!

    Shout out to Bearcarver for his awesome recipe and tutorial..............

    Enjoy the pictures and Merry Christmas......

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  2. I bought a shank portion unsliced ham yesterday for Christmas Eve, doing Bear's recipe too!
  3. chef willie

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    it's a good one...have made a couple myself in the past..always a hit....Willie
  4. Looks MY T TASTY! I haven't used Bear's recipe but I have done a lot of twice smoked hams and everyone enjoyed them. I was a scout leader for a few years and I always tried to teach them to think outside the box and that you could eat as good over a fire as you could at home.

    Happy smoken.

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    It looks unbelievable! Nice work!
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    I am doing my first one tomorrow.  I really like the pineapple idea, I'm going to try that.  Also, I am going to try Bears glaze with 90 min left as well.  One question, I see it vary on here, but curious as to what you think of this quick lowdown.  I am going to cook around 225 degrees and am timing it for 30 min per lb.  You already know about my glaze mentioned above.  Pull the ham at 140 degrees, and foil for 45 min or so, slice and serve.  Is that all a do-able scenario?  Thanks.  Also doing a small 4 lb pork roast in it as well.  
  7. You will absolutely love the pineapple, trust me!!! My challenge was with the smoker because I had 2 in the smoker that sat on top of wire racks in aluminum pans which hindered some of the heat I thought. All that being said, I would gradually raise your temps if you can or you might dry the ham out but I can't say that for 100%. Lastly, make sure if you can to cut some of the fat trimmings off the ham and place it above the hams in small square aluminum pans with tons of holes in them as that fat will render and baste the hams.......I took my time and smoked those hams and it took about 6-8 hours..

    Hope this helps and let me know if I can be of any more help.....

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    I have a 6.2 lb ham, so I'm thinking it will take 3 hrs. That's sufficient tiem I assume correct?

    Also, I have seen the fat thing and I was going to do exactly.

  9. I think 3-4 hours might be sufficient however, I never rush greatness! The gauge will tell you when the ham is done and that is what I go by.

    Enjoy and Happy Smoking!

  10. That thing is to pretty to eat ----------   Nahhhhhhh

  11. Looks FANTASTIC !    Great job [​IMG]
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    Man, you guys sure know how to make things pretty. 

    Due to some family issues I delayed the double smoked ham to today and changed my plans how to do it.  I took the easiest route possible.   I used an 8 lb store bought, hickory smoked, spiral sliced, pre-cooked half ham.  Coated it with cheap maple syrup (not the real stuff) and let it smoke with hickory for an hour at 250F.  Then every 30 minutes I'd sprinkle it liberally with the dry ham glaze that came with it, and very lightly spritz it with a mixture of 1/3 cup maple syrup, 1/3 cup triple sec, and 1/3 cup water.  It formed a nice crust doing it that way and was done in 2.5 hours.

    It ain't pretty but man oh man is it delicious.  We haven't been able to leave it alone since it came off the smoker. 

    Thanks to Bear and SMF for the double smoked ham idea.  I don't think it ever would have crossed my mind.

  13. So did you like the pineapple addition? How did the ham come out?

  14. christophcbv

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    Ham was great and pineapple was a great addition.

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