Double Smoked Hams---Times 4 (Step by Step)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bearcarver, May 28, 2013.

  1. Anyone experienced in using corn cobs for smoking hams etc. We have had a bountiful crop of great silver queen corn this year;  I have saved and dried the cobs hoping to use them smoking ham or even perhaps some salmon.
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  3. Thanks so much... I had the occasion to visit Saigon and surrounding places twice- 1967 & 70!
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    Nice Place, huh? Got to Saigon once.

    Welcome Home !!!

  5. Awesome recipe. Just got the MES 40 Friday and did an awesome pork butt and now a ham today. Can't wait to taste it!
  6. Well played, Sir!
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    Sounds Great !!!

    Be watching for your threads, and don't forget the Qview!!

    Thank You!

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    I`m Ham hungry !!!!!
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    LOL---That's because you're a little like me----Always Hungry!!!

  10. Did a ham on Sunday, turned out great!  Very easy thanks to the Qview and good instructions.  Next time I may play with the ingredients in the glaze just to try something different.  Am seriously considering doing ham for Xmas.

    I do have a question for BearCarver, I noticed gravy in your pics, was it made from the drippings from the hams?  I love ham gravy!

    I had never had a double smoked ham before Sunday so I did not know what to expect regarding taste.  Should I have notice a significant difference in taste or should it be subtle?  To me it was subtle.  I smoked a 7lb. ham for 6 hours using AMNTS with a mix of hickory and cherry pellets.

    Thanks for the great Qview and recipe it makes it a lot easier for us folks who have only been smoking for a short while!

    I need to learn to take pictures, so I can post them!
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    Thank You GB !!!

    Yes, Mrs Bear uses the drippings + Corn Starch + Very Little Water to make Awesome Ham Gravy. I never paid attention to how much of what.

    To me the difference is more than subtle, but I use straight Hickory Pellets.

    I think if you had a regular smoked Ham right next to a Double Smoked Ham, you would notice more than a subtle difference.

    I'm glad you had good success with one of my Step by Steps!!

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    With Easter Bearing Down On Us, I figured I should bump this up.

    It's an easy way to make Super Tasting Double Smoked Ham in a Short Time.


    See the beginning of this thread for how easy it is:
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    I see the ham shanks are on sale here today....... had already thought about it.
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    That's another thing Great about Double Smoking this way-----You could actually get the cheap pre-cooked & smoked Ham on Easter morning, and Double Smoke it in time for Easter Dinner, and it's Awesome!!

    Best Hams I ever ate!!

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    I'm planning on doing this on Sunday, in fact! Since I'll be using the miniWSM I won't have a way of putting the fat on an upper rack, but otherwise will be following these directions very closely. I can' wait!!
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    That's Great---You'll love it !!!

    I guess your mini comes back to heat pretty quick after opening, so you can probably baste it a few times.

    Just Yell if you have any questions!!

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  17. suie

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    Yeah the mini should do fine to open for some basting, and it sounds like the weather will be perfect. 

    I do have one question, since you offered. :) Since I can't do the drip basting, would you recommend just scoring the fat on the ham, rather than removing it? 


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    Looks perfectly delicious !  Thanks for sharing the info and pics !
  19. Bearcarver, that looks amazing, I have a ham in the fridge just begging to be smoked, may have to try this. Thanks again for your advice on my lack of smoke flavor, I believe we have decided which route to take to remedy the issue. Happy Easter!
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    Below is a Twin Ham Double Smoke I did, before I was putting the trimmed fat above the Hams.

    If you look at the first few lines I wrote, you'll see that I said I cut the skin off the top & some of the fat, but I said I should have cut more fat off first.

    So I would recommend you trim the fat down to less than 1/2" thick, and then cut a cross hatch through the fat, to the meat, so smoke & basting juices can get into the red meat.

    I also often make those cuts completely around the Ham (horizontally), instead of crosshatch, so when the cracks open up, there won't be any vertical cuts for the juice to run down through.


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