Double Smoked Ham Question

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  1. I am having a party later this summer and I was going to do smoked sub sandwiches. I was thinking about following Jeff's double smoked ham recipie from Easter. Would that work to thin slice and then freeze for a few weeks before the party? Looking for opinions.

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    Whenever I freeze my smoked hams I cut it into large chunks, vac seal it and freeze it. Then I thaw the ham, warm it up, and slice it right before serving. I have not tried any other methods because this one works great for me. The ham is as good reheated as it was when it was fresh. 
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    I always slice Double Smoked Hams to the sizes I want to use them at, so once it's all sliced, bagged & frozen, I don't have to dirty my slicer until I Double Smoke more Hams. All I have to do is thaw the slices & use them.

    Here's one:

    Double Smoked Hams Times 4      

  4. Thanks guys!! I think I am going to try and do a test ham here in a week or two. [​IMG]

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