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  1. chef willie

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    I've been meaning to double smoke a ham since BearCarvers post on this about 2 years ago & finally got around to it. Picked up an 8.5# shank ham during the Easter sales for .99 a pound. Decided to give it a 4 hour bucket soak to pull off any excess salty brine. Hard to tell if it made any difference with no side by side comparison. A rub of brown sugar, paprika, pepper, garlic, Colmans mustard & a dash of ground clove after a fat trimming prior to the overnight rest. The aroma in the garage fridge next morning was mouthwatering. Into the smoker with the trimmed fat above for basting through a holey pie plate, set it to 200 degrees and let the TBS from the pecan chunks work it's magic. About 7 hours later the IT was 120 and it got the first basting glaze of apricot-pineapple preserves warmed up with some maple syrup & brown sugar. Hit it with a second coating of glaze about an hour later while getting rest of the meal together. IT was at 130 and the group was ready for chow. Nieces BF knocked off a huge plate, so I was happy with the results. Thx for looking & thanks to SMF posters for reference info....Willie

    humble beginnings of the 99 cent supermarket hammy

    4 hour soak....made me feel better anyway, gotta watch my salt intake

    rub before overnight sleep

    threw some xtra rub on the trimmings for grins

    after second glaze

    still nice and moist inside after an 8 hour smoke

    bubbling chocolate skillet cake with chocolate pecan frosting for dessert

  2. hambone1950

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    Wow. That looks really good. Love a good smoked ham. That cake looks pretty tasty too! Nice work , brother. :grilling_smilie:
  3. lazykitty

    lazykitty Fire Starter

    I'm drooling.  I just picked up a ham yesterday. It's on my to-do list soon. 
  4. mr t 59874

    mr t 59874 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Willie, congratulations on your ham. I could have eaten it at any of the stages, even would have gone ham dunkin.  Good job glad you enjoyed the finished result was beautiful.

    Did the chef get the marrow?

  5. seenred

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    That looks delicious, Willie!  Love the looks of that chocolate cake, too!

  6. snorkelinggirl

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    Hey Chef Willie,

    Looks like an absolutely delicious dinner!  Glad it was such a hit with the dinner guests. I really like the sound of the rub, as well as the glaze.  I'll have to give those combinations a shot.

    The skillet cake looks great too. Did you select your pecan smoking wood to complement your chocolate pecan-frosted cake?  [​IMG]    I hope your dinner guests appreciated the level of planning that went into that! 

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. bearcarver

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    Looks Awesome Willie!!!!

    About time you got a Round Tuit !!!

    How'd you like the trimmings basting through a Holey Pan???

    Glad it was a Big Hit !!!

  8. chef willie

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    Thx everybody for the nice comments. Yeah, only took 2 years after seeing your 'twins' The holey pan worked real well & very EZ clean-up, my fav way. Clarissa, no...the pecan chunks were to give it a South Bronx edge <grin>, never gave a thought about the cake having pecans. The 'kidz', mid-20's, enjoyed it all...which is reward enough & mostly what we do this for. And,, I don't eat the marrow...going in the bean pot for flavor and unseen
  9. bdskelly

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    Willie... That ham looks AWESOME! [​IMG]

    Never smoked one.  I've got to try it now. 


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