Double Smoked Ham (Easter Dinner for the Bear Family 2016)

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    Double Smoked Ham  (Easter Dinner for the Bear Family 2016)

    I’ve been eating Double Smoked Hams for at least 40 years, but I’ve only been Smoking my own for about 6 years, however the ones I smoke are even better than the ones we can buy around here for a Small Fortune!!
    I found this Fully Cooked Shank Portion Ham on sale for 79¢ per pound, so this 11.57 LB Ham only cost $9.14.
    Imagine that—79¢ a pound for the Best Ham I ever had!!!

    You will see I got to use my Basting Trick again, by putting all the Skin & Fat Trimmings in a Foil Pan with holes punched in the bottom, so the melting juices can drip down on the Ham throughout the whole Smoke. It’s like raining Fat on the Ham throughout the whole smoke.

    Before I get started, here are the ingredients for the Glaze I used near the end of the smoke. I normally put this on for the last hour, but this time I put it on an hour earlier, because I didn’t jack up the heat for the last hour.

    Brown Sugar-------------------------1/2 Cup
    Maple Syrup--------------------------1/3 Cup
    Ground Mustard----------------------1/2 tsp
    Ground Cinnamon--------------------1/4 tsp
    Ground Ginger------------------------1/8 tsp
    Ground Cloves------------------------1/8 tsp
    Ground Nutmeg-----------------------1/8 tsp

    Heat in Microwave to at least 150°, and stir well before applying:

    OK--Here we go:

    The following is how I did it this time, but other ways are fine. These are all only suggestions.

    Note: My Target is 145° IT, and Dinner is planned to be at 4:00 PM.

    Remove Ham from store wrapping, rinse and trim most of the exterior fat and skin from the Hams (save trimmings).
    Make cuts in surface of Ham, about 1/4" to 1/2" deep, all around the Ham, with openings of cuts pointing upward to catch basting juices.
    Pat Ham dry, and place on a wire cooling rack, in a foil pan.
    This time I put the Ham in position #4 in my new MES 40 Gen #2.5, and I put all of the fat & skin trimmings on another rack, in position #1, above the Ham.
    The fat will drip down and baste the Ham.
    Note: This Smoker has 6 Racks, instead of 4.

    Here is how my times & temps went:
    8:15———---Preheat to 200˚. Also fill one row of AMNS with Hickory Dust, and light one end.
    8:45——---—Put Ham & fat in position. Also put AMNS on Rack in #6 Position.
    11:00---------IT----81°———Bump Heat to 230°——Fill 2nd Row of AMNS with Hickory Dust.
    1:00———- IT—115°——- (200° was too low for this size Ham—Catching up at 230°)
    2:00-----------IT----129°——-Open door & Apply Glaze with Spoon——Heat Dropped down to 150°.
    2:30-----------IT—-135°——-Smoker temp back up at 230°.
    3:00-----------IT—-140°——-All Dust burned out—No more Smoke.
    3:20-----------IT—-144°——-Reset Smoker to 140° to stop cooking.
    3:40————IT-—147°——Remove Ham from Smoker.
    4:00-----------Slice and eat.

    Note: Save Drippings for Gravy if making Ham Gravy.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


    11.57 Pound Shank Portion Smoked Ham @ 79¢ per Pound = Only $9.14 for this Ham:

    First I poke some Drain holes in a 9 X 12 Foil Pan to put the Fat Trimmings in:

    Then I trim all the excess Fat & Skin off of the Ham & put it all in the Pan with the Drain holes in it:

    Then I drop a Wire Cooling Rack into a 9 X 12 Foil Pan:

    The Ham goes on the Wire rack in the Pan to keep the Ham from sitting in it’s own juices & to allow Smoke to get under the Ham:

    The Ham goes on Position #4, and the Fat Basting Pan goes on Position #1, so the Fat can Drip on the Ham during the whole Smoke:

    Here’s my AMNS with one row filled & lit to begin the Smoke:

    After the first 4 hours, I filled the second row to continue the Smoke:

    Here is what it looked like through the “Looking Glass” after 4 hours:

    If you look real close you can see the light smoke coming from the top vent:

    Through the Looking Glass, you can see it’s ready to come out of the Smoker:

    Smokey looks like he’s ready to eat:

    Here’s a good look at it before slicing:

    Basting Pan of Skin & Fat is mostly spent. 
    I removed the excess Fat that was left & gave the smoked Skin to Bear Jr (For Diesel--His Chocolate Lab):

    I start by cutting the biggest side off in one piece:

    Here it is with that first side cut off. Then I cut the other side off:

    These slices are just from the two sides. I always slice the rest after eating:

    Here’s the Table——Looks like Bear Jr is ready too:

    Here’s Bear’s First helping. The next helping will be All Ham!!!

    Here’s the Dessert Mrs Bear Made:

    Here’s a Closer Look:

    And some Cookies Bethany (Bear Jr’s Wife) made & Decorated:

    And Smokey got some new toys in his basket for Easter:

    I know he doesn’t look Happy, but that’s just the way he looks:

    Last but not least——Monday’s Breakfast for the Bear:
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  2. Another Great Step by Step by the Bear, Looks Great Buddy, Kinda made my Ham look plumb pitiful.  [​IMG]     You are the reason I did my double smoked

    and everybody loves it.

    A nice meal indeed and breakfast to boot     Keep up the great post    [​IMG]

  3. bearcarver

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    Thanks Gary!!!

    Looks like you're the only one who likes this one!

    Thanks for the Points too.

  4. tropics

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    John the whole meal looks great,don't know how this got my me.Ham has my mouth watering.Thanks for sharing


  5. c farmer

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    Looks perfect as usual Bear.

    I am thinking of doing one very soon.
  6. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thank You Richie!!

    And Thanks for the Points!

  7. bearcarver

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    Thank You Adam!!

    I think Giant's 79¢ sale is over, but they're still only 99¢ now.

    And Thanks for the Points!!

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  8. gearjammer

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    I bow before the master.

    Very great post Sir, looks fantastic.

    I want to thank you for your steps posts.

    You make even newbies like me look good 

    with  them.

    Pretty hard to mess up that way.

    Your smoke looks great, heckuva dinner.

    The picture show is very nice too.       

    I tried to give you points, don't know if I

    did it right.

  9. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thank You Ed !!

    I'm glad you like my Step by Steps!!

    They're not only for Newbies---I use them too, once I get them just right. Saves wear & tear on the old Brain!!

    And Thanks for the Points!!

  10. Not much telling how many members Bear's Step by Step has inspired   I know I am one

  11. disco

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    Several points need to be made about this thread:
    1. This is one of the recipes that brought me from the wilderness of unsuccessful smokes to getting good results.
    2. This recipe is spread across the world because it is so good. It has inspired many to great smoking.
    3. It is not the only recipe Bear has posted that has inspired many of us  (I figure Bear has added an inch to my waist just with his Canadian bacon recipe).
    4. Bear's recipes are not just great, they are great tutorials that lead us lesser mortals through the process.
    5. Bear is also generous with answering questions and in giving advice on posts.
    I salute a great pitmaster and a nice guy!

    Points are not enough but they are all I have to offer!

  12. ragilmore

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    I have enjoyed all your Step by Steps. They provide in inspiration to all who take the time to follow them. I need to post some of my smokes based on your SbS's. Double smoked ham, Dried Beef, Pulled Pork and the great Peanut Butter Meltaways.

    Also how to clean the glass on MES using ashes.

    I have been a member since October last year and your advice is where I turn when using the MES.

    Thanks for all the help you so freely offer to all on SmokingMeatForum!

    Sorry Bear will need to learn how to provide well earned points.

    Dick G
  13. bluebombersfan

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    [​IMG]Looks great as always Bear!! 
  14. tropics

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    In the post box their is a thumbs up,Click on that add comment ans add to reputation 



    That one
  15. waterinholebrew

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    Nice lookin meal Bear & a great price to boot ! Looks like y'all ate well ! Thumbs Up
  16. foamheart

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    Happy Easter my friend. Like I might have a doubt that you were going to have a delicious table full of food.

    Listen, you with those double smoked hams is like Gary and briskets, you just can do no wrong. You have shown so many here, so many ways to do things better, including me. Sometimes we don't acknowledge it, but we always think about you when we copy you or use one of your techniques. Thank you sir.

    Beautiful cookies by the DiL, 

    I first thought that the picture was Smoking sneaking in and having some of those cookies... Yeppers that does look like cookies in the basket and on the floor. .... LOL No pictures of Diesel? I bet he didn't get that bean bone either! 

    I like that you, like me, always are more impressed with what tomorrow beings for any left overs...LOL
  17. bearcarver

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    Thank You Gary!!

    After 23 hours with only one comment on this Step by Step, I was beginning to wonder if it's all worth it.

    It takes many hours to Download all the Pics & put them in order. Then compile all of my notes & put them in order to make them fall in line of a start to finish Step by Step.

    Then insert a Caption in each & every picture. Then proofread it & make corrections where needed, and finally post it to the Forum.

    All that & I get one comment in 23 hours???

    But then Richie brought it back, and then Adam & You, and then a few more Great Guys with some very nice comments.

    I feel useful again!


    Thank You Disco!!

    I can always count on you to pick me up when I'm feeling a bit down.

    Thank You for those very nice compliments!!

  18. Disco covered it very well, Thanks Disco for that post.  I agree 100 %

    I have said this before, when I joined this forum my experience was smoking and pit building. He inspired me

    to start curing, once I started that I was trying almost everything I was seeing on SMF

    As for his Step by Steps I have done a lot of them, like them so well they are my go-to recipes now.

    So ........   Bear keep posting those Step by Steps

  19. bearcarver

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    Thanks Ole Buddy!!

    Good to see you!

    Thank You Dick!!

    I'm real glad to hear I've been of Help to you!!

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    Bear I picked up a Cooks Hickory Smoked today 99 cents,I haven't decided what smoker to use yet

    Thanks Richie

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