Double Reverse Flow with Center Fire Box Idea

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bighoss82, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. So I had an idea. I wanted more cooking surface.  Right now I have a Char Griller outlaw.  I was thinking of adding a second outlaw and building a larger custom fire box in between.  Then making them both reverse flow.  Something like the picture below.  Thoughts?

  2. I like the idea,just wondering how you plan to control the heat from one side or the other?keep in mind,firebox will have to be sized according to the cc's,will be an interesting build,gl !!
  3. Rib,
    I had thought of that a little. Maybe a sliding damper on both sides. That way I can close off heat to one side if I want to only cook on 1 side. But good thinking. I'm thinking my theory is sound but I'm not 100% yet.
  4. What have you been smoking Bighoss?


    Anyway, I think there are better way to give you more grilling surface than sucking heat out of both ends of a firebox. Whats keeping you from going ahead and building a custom smoker?
  5. I did 30 chicken wings and 3 racks of spare ribs and barely had enough room.  The wings I did in a foil pan and then on the grill directly.  The pan and the racks barely fit.  I was just thinking what I could do to create more room with as little $$ as possible.  I'm not cheap but a 6 month old does tend to come first.  I have thought of making my own custom smoker. I want to do a reverse flow similar to a Lang. I already found a propane storage tank to use but am thinking it will be a lot of money in steel to finish it.
  6. For a budget build, I'd recommend a doubel barrel style. You can usually get the barrels for free and Northern Tools has the rack , grate and door for the firebox , all fairly cheap. You really dont need a lot of tools either.  Probably one of the most bang for the buck builds you can do. Park that next to your Char griller and your ready to cook for an army!

  7. This would be interesting indeed. I would probably just go with one cook chamber, but that's me. If you decide to go with the double be sure and keep us posted with pictures. I would think trying to control the heat and air flow might be a problem but you never know. Sliding dampers probably a given I wonder how even the temp and air flow in both the CC's ?  I guess one plus is if you were not cooking a lot you can shut off one side.

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    I think your idea could work really well. Your fire box would need to be sized for both Cooking Chambers for sure. As long as its big enough with enough intake air ,combined with the dampers you should be able to control it
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    i agree with rib wizzard first smoker i build was a double barrel and it was pretty cheap to build and even when i built it i had no real idea about building smokers mine worked pretty well. its not a reverse flow  but if i had known what i was doing at the time i would have built it that way and it would prob be easier to manage the temps side to side
  10. In reality, the double barrel smoker is a reverse flow, kind of

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