Double Dudestrami...Pastrami X2 With Q-View

Discussion in 'Beef' started by gotarace, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Seeing all the Pastrami being made over the St. Patricks Day drove me to make a few myself. Reading all the threads on how to make pastrami it became apparent that the only large debate i came across was to soak or not soak your store bought corned beef. This led me to buy two and try one each way. Wally world  was running a sale for 2.29 a lb. last weekend so i picked up 4. For this smoke the smaller corned beef was only rinsed off and seasoned...the larger was soaked for eight hours with the water being replaced every two hours then seasoned.[​IMG]

    Here they are seasoned...the smaller 3.1 lb only rinsed. The larger 4.3 lb soaked. They were both seasoned with the spice package enclosed with the beef, garlic powder, a light sprinkling of old bay, then coated with a liberal amount of hand ground black pepper. I covered these and left them rest in the refrigerator over night.

    The next morning i went out and started the Smoker to preheat. I was welcomed to -5 degrees but the sun was coming up and the promise of 30 made the chill bite less. After preheating and getting my water pan filled with boiling water i set my MES to 230 and started the smoke using apple and cherry chips.[​IMG][​IMG]Here are pictures of the pastrami at the 4 hour mark getting probed...IT 148  {top}

    Then at the 8 hour mark a IT of 167 ready for foiling. {bottom} Nasty stall at 156 on both pastrami's. They sat there for quite some time before making a steady climb from there.[​IMG]Here they are going into a foil pan... getting a splash of beer before getting foiled and probed then returned to the smoker. They were kept there until i got a IT of 197...  pulled the pan and let them rest for a hour before slicing.[​IMG]Let the slicing begin...ya baby its pastrami time.[​IMG]The small non soaked pastrami.[​IMG]The larger pastrami that i soaked for 8 hours[​IMG]My cat Fester keeping a eye on the progress...[​IMG]AHHH the money first sammy...I'll be seeing many more of these the next few days.

    Now to the difference between the two pastrami's...this is just my personal opinion here so take it for what it is worth. The soaked one had a better smoke and pepper flavor with less of a corned taste to it.  I think it had a better pastrami taste to it. The non soaked one had a bit of a overpowering corned taste to it yet and it kind of canceled the smoked and pepper taste i was going for with this pastrami. It was still very good but the soaked one had a better balance of flavors. Hope you enjoyed the q-view...there will be many more coming...Len 
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  2. daveomak

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    Len, Good evening. I appreciate your technical review. Food for thought  [​IMG]  and 2 great lookin stramis.
  3. Thanks Dave...i will be making these again.
  4. beer-b-q

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    Great Looking Dudestami...
  5. smokinal

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    Great job Len!
  6. realtorterry

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    Soooo Whatcha rub them with? The dude's famous old bay & pickling spices? Hard to believe that little 3 pounder was barley getting to foil at 8 hours.
  7. bearcarver

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    Looks Great, Len!

    Awesome Sammy!

    Nice little kitty-cat too.

  8. Thanks Beer...the Dude made me do

    Thanks time i may try your cure mix on a brisket. Make the complete Pastrami 

    Terry the little three pounder was more stubborn than the 4 pounder. It was pure meat with a tiny fat cap and had a bigger stall than the large one.

    I did use the Dudes old bay pickling-spice combo with a bit of garlic powder and a load of black pepper.

    Thank you Bear...soon i have to hit the Bear list of smokes out of your signature..I finally found the anise seed on line for your beef sticks so they are coming soon...and your bacon has made my short list also. 

    The cat was a shelter find and i swear he is just grateful to have a warm home and a full belly...he is very friendly 
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    Nice job on the mechanics of the smoke and congrats on a success. The qview looks great
  10. Thank you Scar...Q-view rules...i enjoy every one on this board. Glad i found this site and hope people enjoy my Q-views also.
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    There is no noticeable heat in my Beef sticks. If you want sticks with just a little bit of heat, use the seasoning recipe for my "Bear Logs (All Beef)", but follow all the instructions of my "Unstuffed Beef Sticks".

    Congrats for rescuing a sad cat & making him happy.

    Our kitty is turning 2 years old (about now). His Mother deserted him here almost 2 years ago, when he & his two brothers were each less than a pound in weight.

    We kept the gray & white, and named him Smokey, and our Son & his wife took in the two black & whites, and named them "Cheech" & "Chong". They love their big brother Othello, the huge Newfoundland. Smokey doesn't like him, and never did---LOL.


  12. I love pastrami and yours looks great. Thanks for sharing the comparison between soaked and unsoaked. This will help me when I make mine.
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    I bet Fester loves it when he gets a little of that good looking GRUB. Bet there is not much left to share with him. Congrats on making the banner.[​IMG]
  14. Bear.. your a old softie just like me..don;t worry i won't tell a  Is the anything more fun than a happy health kitten? I love your cats name smokey sure fits the home he lives in. 

    Thank for the tips on your beef sticks...i like a touch of heat and will try the beef log recipe formed into sticks.

    Thank you Callahan4life...i thought while i was doing 2 i might as well try one each way. I liked them both but preferred the soaked one better.

    Fife thank you for the is a true honor making the banner with such a great group of guys. Fester loves a taste now and then but really just loves to be in the middle of the action.
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    Looks good Gotarace. Have been wanting to do a Pastrami. Local grocery store has 2 for 1 corned beef.  Thanks for the inspiraton. Looks like a project for next weekend!
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  16. That's a great deal on corned that price i would get 4...they freeze well. I just finished the last of the pastrami yesterday for lunch and i already miss I will be making a couple more soon. I really need to purchase a decent meat slicer and start to freeze some for later.
  17. Very nice looking....thanks for the view!
  18. the dude abides

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    Not sure how I missed this, but dang, that looks fantastic.

    I'm blown away

  19. Thank you Dtcunni...I need to thaw another corned beef and make another Dudestrami real soon.

    Thanks for the inspiration Dude...seeing your Dudestrami thread on St. Patties Day drove me over the edge. It was all over, i had to make a few,[​IMG]

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