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    want thank all of you that have posted about making/using an expanded metal box for charcoal. As I was preparing to make mine I took some measurements and decided that by changing the dimensions I could not only make mine taller but I could also fit two boxes in side by side while still being able to remove them for cleaning etc. While running my first smoke I discovered a couple benefits to the double box system.

    First was temperature control. Running a single box forces you to choose between loss of temperature when adding cold coal or loss of coal by prefiring coal in a chimney. The double box allowed me to alternate boxes throughout the cook without sacrificing coal or heat.

    Second was that, if Mother Nature decides to mess with you like it did me (20 degree temperature drop + 15 mph winds in an hour), you can run both boxes simultaneously if needed only adding coal to one box at a time to avoid temperature swings.

    Lastly, it gives you the option to run both wood and coal easier if desired. Wood in one and coal in the other.

    I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions for improvement that you all have

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