Double Barrel Stove Kit

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  1. Never built a smoker before, I've never even used a smoker before. I decided to build my own for some strange reason. I love to grill and tailgate, so I'm used to making large quantities of really good food, smoking meats was just my next logical step.

    I saw someone's else build on a different website and it looked easy enough so I thought I would have a go at it. I used the vogelzang barrel stove kit, both kits for each barrel cost about $100 total. The barrels I got for free from my uncle that works for Valspar making paint resins. The barrels had food grade coconut oil in them. Biggest problem was the lining, boy that was a pain in the back cleaning out.

  2. As you can see in the picture above I used a torch to burn the paint off, worked great on the outside, not so well on the inside. Burned so hot and fast that all the oxygen in the barrel was consumed and the flame when out. Just bought a bag of charcoal and threw it in there on its side, rolled it around a bit to move the hot spot on all sides on the barrel.

    I had so much fun cleaning out the inside I forgot to take pictures. Dust mask, hearing protection, goggles, let's just say it wasn't fun. An angle grinder makes one hell of a racket against a 55 gallon drum.
  3. Cut out for fire box door

    Holes for the damper and chimney, I'm proud of my cuts for this, it isn't very easy to cut a round hole using just an angle grinder.

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  4. Cooking chamber door cut out, and barrel placed on top.

  5. Food grates, this is where the next bit of costs came in. The angle cost me about $20 for the entire project and the the expanded sheet was $50 for a 4x8 foot sheet that I used less than half of. The rest I plan on using for a different project, so no waste there.

    My dad welding the grates. Just a couple tacs to hold it down, don't worry we did use protection when welding.
  6. Looks good man! I get down your way almost every other week - I'll keep my eye out for it rolling some TBS  [​IMG]
  7. just finished mine yesterday

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