Double Barrel Smoker Re-Design Concept

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by noogsmoke, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. noogsmoke

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    I've got some barrels and a decent setup idea for a double barrel build.  As I've been looking at all the builds I have seen the same diagram with stacked barrels, stope pipe coming up the center bottom from the firebox to the smokebox(barrel) with dual exhaust out the sides. From reading it looks like using flews and such in the stovepipe is for heat/smoke control.  Here's my question/idea:

    Would running dual stove pipes out of the sides of the firebox then into the smoke chamber naturally control heat smoke?  Or would the heat diffuse too much?  I've attached a diagram.  Thanks!

  2. jckdanls 07

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    If you were to try this... I'm thinking the pipes coming out of the firebox will have to be at the top of the sides ... If you were to put them in the middle as pictured I think you will have problems... Since heat rises , most of the heat will be at the top of the firebox ..
  3. noogsmoke

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    Correct.  That was actually my plan although the drawing didn't really show it too well.  What do you think about heat diffusion?  I'm not worried about the smoke but not sure is the heat transfer will get me to the temps I want
  4. noogsmoke

    noogsmoke Newbie

    bump before I buy my elbows to try this out - any last thoughts?
  5. bmaddox

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    It looks like it would work but I haven't seen that setup in action. You would need a damper on the exhaust and some sort of intake damper to keep it under control. 
  6. If it were me;
    Id join the two drums with a (single) pipe going straight up at the far left, put a single exhaust on the far right. Build fire to the far right. Like a poor mans reverse flow. Then skirt the two drums together with some sheet metal .
  7. phrett

    phrett Smoke Blower

    I built mine with two pipes between the barrels and a flue in each. Worked real nice with even heat at the grate in the top barrel.

  8. trippy

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    The more area you expose to cold weather is going to be heat robing surfaces. Getting your heat to your cooking chamber the quickets way possible will give you the ability to control your fuel consumption. increasing your flue size will move more fire exhaust into the cooking chamber. So weather you go 8 inch or 2  holes at 5 inches you have about same effect. The unit will only draw as much air into the cooking chamber as what you can get out the final exhaust. If you need a damper on the final exhaust then you really do not need extra up spouts feeding the cooking chamber. You can accomplish the heat dispersion with a diffuser plate over the exhaust opening in cooking chamber. Everything is about eye candy after that point. The smoker looks cool but operates the same with less of other designs. Sometimes complex designs don't get the job done any better then the simplest design.

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