double barrel horizonal smoker nubie help needed

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by caspian, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. caspian

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    New guy here (my next post will be in roll call to do an intro).  I am going to do a horizonal build from stainless steel drums.  I plan on using the design below.  I have been googling other designs and they all look pretty much like this.  I do like the idea of the exhaust in the lower portion of the smoker.  My thoughts are that the smoke will remain in the upper part and won't go out until it is saturated in the area of the meat.

    My questions are:

    What diameter flue from the smoke box to the smoker?

    What diameter exhaust?

    Should I make the flues flush with the bottom of the smoker so any juice will run down into the fire box?

    I plan on taking pictures of the step by step to help out with my success/failures during the build.


  2. mike johnson

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    Exaust should be at grill level at the lowest. You constantly want new and fresh smoke by the food not old and stale. Do you have a good hookup on stainless drums? because I need 2.
  3. caspian

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    Makes sense on the exhaust.  I will go that route.  Any suggestions on duct size?

    I don't know of cheap stainless drums, but I am getting mine from a place i found on line by searching google.

    I am getting the 1.5mm thick ones (thickest they have).  They are $219 each, but I am somewhat local, so I am saving on not having to pay shipping and picking them up.  I figure I will have $600 in the project.  Not exactly cheap, but it will last a lifetime, so it's worth it for that.

    I am planning on making an insert so that I can use it as a BBQ charcoal grill when i'm not smoking.  Basically a flat pan that will hold the charcoal and allow for easy clean up.
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  4. I built one like this a couple years ago. It took about a year rounding up parts. Got two 55 gal.drums in excellent shape from my friend. You can find good cast iron kits at menards (if they're in your area) or ebay. Use 6" black stove pipe or tubing for your flues and exhaust. My exhaust is at the top third in the center. Seems to work fine.

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