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  1. I am currently building a smoker on a trailer and I am looking for some latches for the doors. I have three doors and I am looking for the kind of latches that tighten more the more I turn it. I have had no luck finding these online.Maybe one of you can help, or suggest a different kind of latch to use.

    Here is a picture of the latch I am looking for.

    As you can see, the handle/latch turns into an angled slot that forces the door tighter by turning it further.
  2. backwoods bbq

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    option 1: buy a giant wingnut and weld a rod going through the door so the wingnut will shut it tighter with every turn.

    option 2: find a similar handle from an old fridge/freezer

    option 3: put a nut on the end of a rod connected to the side of the door with a 90 degree bend that will fit into a slot (c-notched) all you would do is screw the nut down to tighten you could even weld small bars on the nut to help tighten

    hope this helps
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     Try a R/V service store and supply. I'm thinking you may get lucky there...[​IMG]
  4. Does anyone know what this kind of latch is called? I can't even think of a reasonable name for it. The best I have thought of is "progressively tightning latch", "spoon latch", and various other names that resulted in not finding this type of latch. I want to buy them so they will all be uniform. I am capable of making this if necessary. I just thought that surely these are readily available for a small fee. I would spend more time making this than it is worth.
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    Casement window latch   See:
  6. Thank you for the lead... but the casement window latches are not as big as what I am wanting. They are 1-2" long and the one in the picture is ~ 4" long. Any other ideas?
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    Im building my own smoker too.  I like the latch you posted about.  Did you find what you were looking for and if so, did it work very well?  Where do I go to find them?

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    Not sure about your latch. I used toggle clamp latches. Mainly so when my tadpole gasket on my doors flattened out. If they do, I can adjust the latches and make the doors tighter. This could be an option. Picture may be a little hard to see but you should get the idea.

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