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    Sealing up my lids on my Ok Joe smoker.  Bought some Mecco's Red Devil 1000 degree fiberglass flat rope 5/8 x 1/8 inch and the 2000 degree cement in a kit.  Can't say I recommend this stuff.  Couple problems, this stuff just doesn't stick very well, oh it holds the gasket on, but I can easily peel it back some, and push it back on...that ain't right is it.  Seems to not be setting up or getting hard.  Thats on the smoke chamber side, on the firebox side it seems to have got crusty and also doesn't seem to be holding, just barely enough to hold itself on, and this is after just one cook, whats going to happen later. The other problem I had was the lids not wanting to close right, so what I did was use some pliers and bent the little lip with the gasket on it down some accross the top and a few inches down both sides from the top, lids seem to close better now, but thinking I am gonna need to put toggle clamp on them, still on the fence on that one, they didn't leak too much yesterday, but there were just a few whispers coming out.

    Anybody know of some better cement to use, also might need some better flat rope, or do they all fray out real bad at the ends, anything I do to stop that, thought about the nomex, but don't like the look.  Thanks in advance for any help
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    Did you sand the smoker down to bare metal before applying the cement ???
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    Nope I used rubbing alcohol and cleaned it real good, could that be the problem.  I did it until the rag was clean, didn't want to remove the finish to avoid rust.
  4. The best stuff to use is Nomex gasket from

    The fiberglass rope may work but the 2000 degree cement is the wrong stuff.

    it's meant for  rigid fireplaces. Not a smoker.

    Use high temp (500°) RTV silicone. Your can get it at any hardware store.

    I'm not sure what the you you don't like about Nomex But check out the OK Joe

    mode page at:

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    I still have half a tube of Rutlands 700 I used on the firebox halfs, I was gonna use it on the lids as well, but I thought,  hey this kit came it's own cement  so I used it..., guess I'll redo it and use the rutlands on the gasket plus it is black rtv.  Thanks
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    I see what's are running into the same crap I did. Do yourself a huge favor and get a local metal guy in your area to weld her up and have the lids fitted. RTV was the worst thing I ever did. You cannot put a full chimney of charcoal in the firebox with that stuff. It limits you. Say you want to do some bbq/smoke roasting at 350-400 degrees. That means your firebox is cranking out at over 600. I did that and the 650 degree RTV melted. It put a chemical smell into some chicken so I threw it out. Scrape it off me.
  7. RTV or any silicone should not be used in the fire box.

    See Nomex gasket from  

    But I gotta say, That smoker was never designed to run at 400°.
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    BBQ smoke roasting is one of the neat things about outdoor cooking. I do it all of the time. It's wonderful! If I can do it on a 10 year old Brinkmann with thinner metal, I can certainly do it with the OKJ. As for the RTV.......they are ALL doing it on the firebox. They are sealing the firebox with it. They all saw the same POS youtube videos that I did and thought "that's what I will be doing." The damn thing only comes with 4 small bolts. This was a bad thing for me.....very bad. They either need to get it welded or drill and add more bolts to it.
  9. What ever.

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