Done spare ribs?

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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm smoking spare ribs St. Louis style tomorrow. It's my second attempt doing these. The first time I did 3-2-1 and the meat just didn't turn out right. I think I had some shiners and the meat just cooked too long. The meat was just a little to tough even though it fell off the bone. I know I'm going to foil the ribs at some point, probably 2.5-3 hours in after some pull back occurs. I know every cook is different but can you guys post some pics that show the bend test. I'd like to do some comparisons. Any advice is good advice.

    I'm smoking with a WSM. Kings ford original and apple wood.

    Thanks guys
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    If you have an instant read therm your looking for an IT of 195-200.

    Or probing with a toothpick will also work. It should go in with little to no resistance.

    For the bend test the rack should show some cracks & hang at 90 degrees.

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  4. Thanks guys. I didn't realize a tooth pic would work for meat.

    Yes those pics are helpful. There is good info on that thread in your link!

  5. This is a pic 3 hours. Brown sugar and honey on top and going into foil. It's looking good so far

  6. After 2 hours in foil for the long rack. The small rack is no foil. I'm testing to see the difference. But the small one started crackin during the pull test so after this last hour they should be done.

  7. Thanks SmokinAl for the suggestion! These ribs turned out great and bite off the bone perfect!
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    That's a real good looking rib there!

    Nice job!

  9. ​My very first cook with the MES 30  so have the ribs on it for 4 and a half hours at 225 F at this point the meat probe shows 180 F.

    Been at that temp for more than an hour and wondering if it will rise to 195 in an hour and a half ?  
  10. I have never smoked with the MES. But I do know that the best thing to do is not open the door. 15 degree in 90 min seems like it will happen. I have never measured my ribs though. I've always gone with the bend test. I think you'll be fine. Just keep the door closed and the temp set at 225. Don't turn the temp up to hurry the meat.
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  11. I mean I have never checked temp of my ribs. I've always just done them 6 hours and they have turned out great
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  12. ​Gotcha, well in the end they were at 188 F and they were superb and next time I'll do as you said to just make a 6hr cook.

    Best ribs I ever had and glad it came together on first try and with the AMNSP to boot! I smoked for 3 hrs then coasted the rest at 225F.

    Now can't figure on how to give you points grrrrr

    Many thanks

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