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  1. Hey folks Colorado Springs checking in here. I have a masterbuilt 30" electric smoker with side cold smoke attachment  and have turned some amazing Q out of it. How can you not? Electric is as easy as it comes. I am OK with that and my taste buds love it. Just picked up an AMTS 12" to toss in the chargriller 3001 Pro. I like it. Nice thin line of smoke and it does fit in the Masterbuilt perfectly as well. So looking forward to learning from everyone here and making some more great BBQ.

    Next up on the hunt for an antique fridge for some real smoking.
  2. Welcome, Darth! I just picked up an AMNTS 12" myself and plan to use it the first time on the grill on the 4th. Looking to see if this little tube can pitch hit for my WSM on occasion. Gonna be fun to try!

  3. This is what I am using right now. The bins have wood chips and now pellets in them. I keep the whole setup in a shed and its Colorado so it stays nice and dry. Yes the smoker is bolted down so it isn't sliding off. I have not done any cold smokes but the side chute is great for long smokes without having to refill it.

  4. 12 inch AMTS fits perfect in the 30 inch masterbuilt. Probably a better deal then the side attachment. I couldn't wait to test it so I tossed it in the empty smoker after I burned it off and tried it in the grill. It is in the smoker burning itself up. yes I will make a drip shield for it if I use it with food in there.
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  5. Hey Cool !!!   and welcome to SMF from East Texas

    Gary S

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