Doing Spare Ribs today, couple questions

Discussion in 'Pork' started by kettlemetal, Nov 8, 2015.

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    I picked up a couple racks on sale this week, but I'm saving one for a winter treat. One thing I noticed right away is that these weren't exactly full racks. It looks like they removed the thickest 3-4 ribs from the end, possibly to package separately, including the sternum.

    I trimmed them down into St. Louis cut and removed the membrane and skirt, but was surprised at the size of the removed top/rib tip portion. In a lot of trimming guides and videos it's long and slim, but mine has a pretty wide surface area: 

    I'll be smoking all of it, including the little point flap.

    Salted then added a rub of pepper, chilli powder, garlic, onion, little bit of cayenne, little bit of cumin, little bit of paprika, little bit of sugar. Went straight on the meat, no oil or mustard or anything:

    I'm tempted to go hot and fast with these, but it's still early enough to go for 225-250 on the mini wsm and have them ready for dinner. Not planning to foil, but I will add sauce to all or most of it towards the end.

    I'm a little curious on time, as these are fairly thin, especially with the thicker end ribs missing. At the larger end it's a little under an inch thick, and about 1/2" at the other end. Looking at this thing, it seems crazy that it would take 5-6 hours. Is it?

    Also, I haven't used the other pieces at the same time before and was wondering how much earlier they could be done. That little point flap will obviously be fast, but the rib tip section is fairly substantial. I know most people pull those early, but I was thinking I'd maybe add them later instead to finish at the same time. Thoughts on that?

    Appreciate any input, I'm going to start getting the mini set up.
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    It looks like I'm going hot and fast now, due to a few things: I took too long getting things ready, a neighbor asked for help moving something, it took me longer than expected to hit TBS, and the smoker really didn't want to stay below 265 today for some reason. The ribs and trimmed bits went on about 40 min ago, sitting just below 300 now.

    This isn't terrible since they're on the thin side and hot works too, but I swear, one of these days I'm actually going to pull off low and slow.
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    I gave the rack and tips a little spray of water and pulled the little point flap off for a snack. I'm pretty sure I forgot to salt that piece before adding rub, but it was still tasty. Not quite there on the tenderness, but close.
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    Tips are done, maybe a little over. Trying to keep warm in a foil covered pan for a while, since the rack is close. They look and smell amazing.

    On that, I have a little dilemma. My girlfriend got a late start on mashed potatoes, and the ribs will probably be done first. Unfortunately I just ran out of foil, but that wouldn't have been the best way to go anyway since I'm saucing them.

    I'm thinking that I'll sauce as planned, then put in a pan covered with a baking sheet? Not a big deal, and room temp ribs aren't exactly a catastrophe, but I prefer to eat these pretty hot off the grill. We'll see!
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    Everything came together at the end, we were pretty happy with the ribs.

    Finished tips:

    They're a little overdone. We cut off a bit, but I'm planning to throw the rest in the crockpot tomorrow to make some pulled rib sandwiches or something.

    I sauced the ribs about 15 min before they came off. It set nicely, but I then removed the ribs to a pan, added more sauce to the top, and hit it with the torch to bubble things up. Finished ribs, minus a little taster pull:

    Cut up:

    Plated with some mashed potatoes and a quick gravy I somehow managed to whip up in time:

    I didn't keep as many details this time. Usually I take roughly 700 pictures through the cook so I can go back later and piece together a log with the times the pics were taken, but today was too hectic. This took a little over 3 hours at 300 with KBB and hickory chunks. Again, I swear I'm gonna finally get some low and slow under my belt, but it's hard when 300 turns out something we're happy with. Thats all folks.
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    Nothing wrong with hot and fast. The ribs look great with a nice color. Looks like a bit of an unusually trimmed rack but worked out ok. I would answer you questions but sounds like you figured it out...JJ
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