Doing First Boston Butt.

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by pureflusher, Jun 22, 2013.

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    I'm doing my first Butt tonight, I want to eat tomorrow at around 5pm..I got a 8pnd bone in butt Boston butt. I just put the rub on it and it is in the fridge now. I plan on putting it in the MES 30 around 11pm. I unfortunately do not have a AMNPS so I will be putting chips every couple of hours. I plan on cooking at 245 with the fat side up. Am i missing anything else? If i gets done early I will wrap it in foil and towels and put in cooler. I dont plan on foiling the butt during cooking (love the bark)...if it stalls I will increase the heat to 260. Any other tips would be great! 
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    [​IMG]So far......[​IMG]
  3. Well, I'm still learning myself. Posted on another thread that I have two 4+ pounders cooking now. I said I was debating whether to foil or not, but I didn't. Finally got out of the stall just now (happened at 160* a couple of hours ago), but it's still not advancing much.

    I did not raise the temps...I have a WSM, and the temps were dropping! I did add some coals, but it was still running a little lower than I wanted. I've read several people saying that it's best to be patient, so I'm assuming that they're recommending not to raise the temps.

    It sounds like you should have enough time to do this without having to raise the temps over 250. If it gets to where you have to do something, you could always finish it up in the oven in a roasting pan. Some say to foil it, and others say not to. So foiling would be up to you, but from what I've read, they say it still turns out great!

    Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!
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    Looking good so far!

  5. disco

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    I have only done a couple of butts so I will not give advice. However, I would like to drool over your Qview. Please keep posting as you go along!

  6. Yes, please show us some Q-view!

    I'd also like to know how much time it took. My two 4+ lb. butts took much longer than I anticipated: almost 11 hours in total. I even had them separated from each other so as not to seem like one larger cut, but the wait was worth it. I'll have to start much earlier next time!
  7. [​IMG]I'll kick back and wait for some QView.

    Happy smoken.

  8. pureflusher

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    Well its been 15 hours and according to my Walmart special digital thermometer its at 199 IT. Im gunna pull it off and wrap it in foil and towels and throw it in a cooler for 2 hours. Life would be a lot easier with a Maverick and a AMNPS. Gotta wait till next month before I spend another $100 on my smoking ventures (wife is already sick of the house and her fridge smelling like smoke). 
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  9. [​IMG]

    I wish i could bottle the smell of great Q. I would probably bath in it!

    Happy smoken.

  10. pureflusher

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    Well she turned out great!!!
  11. speaks

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    My wife feels the same way, but there aren't any complaints when we eat!
  12. Man -O-Man That looks good.

  13. Looks great, Pureflusher! Congrats! I'm lucky: my wife doesn't mind the smoky smell a bit.
  14. Looks like a pretty nice first butt.................[​IMG]
  15. disco

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    Well done.

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    That really looks good Pureflusher! Looks like your first butt was a success. Thanks for the Q-view.
  17. That is some really nice lookin pulled pork there Pureflusher.

    And about the smokey smell, I think the wife will get used to it.

    Mine did. [​IMG]

    Happy Smokin'

  18. Looks great a nice looking bark.

    2 thumbs up!

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