Doing 2 pork butts this weekend for Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Pork' started by msgrillmaster, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. msgrillmaster

    msgrillmaster Newbie

    plus a whole chicken (hope it can cook at 225).   Need a good rub reciepe for the pork butts that isn't spicy.  Have a family member that can eat spicy stuff.   Any suggestions??
  2. xsists

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  3. little smokey

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    Jeff's recipe has a little spice to it but you can pull that back your self since you make the rub.  On that chicken I would smoke it until almost done then put it in the hot over to crisp it up or hot grill.
  4. xsists

    xsists Smoke Blower

    Also, a little tip for chicken I just learned.  Cover it in baking powder and let it sit over night.  Should produce crispier skin.  I have never really had crispy skin cooking chicken in the MES (cooking at 275).  I normally toss it on the grill afterwards for a quick crisp up.  I am testing this new method this weekend with some wings.

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