Does wood make a real difference?

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    I've been smoking for just a very few years but got to wondering. Does the flavor or/and type of wood use really make a big difference? For example, I went out to check on my chip supply, I need Apple chips for a ham I'm doing, I might have enough but I have plenty of alder and plenty of cherry, I'm glad I checked. It just made me wonder how important is the type of wood you smoke with? How important is the type of wood you use?

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    There is a big difference with some. Mesquite, very strong. Hickory is distinctive and still pretty forward. Realistically I think most fruit woods are pretty similar. Subbing Cherry for Apple, will not have a huge impact, short of you having a super sensitive palate. Alder is mild and can be mixed with anything...JJ
  3. I have found the amount of moisture(seasoning) in the wood makes a difference in the flavors. The differences become more distinct and pronounced to my palate when I use wood around a 20% moisture content, rather than the store bought bags.

    I'm lucky enough to be able to source several fruit and nut woods locally. Every time I visit a local farm, I ask for wood chunks/pieces.
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