does this seem like a good price?

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by pandemonium, Jul 4, 2010.

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    not a bad deal. Call and offer him less and see if he takes it
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    RRRRRRR sorry pan, about every third time I try to reply to a post I get a grayed out screen and can't type.

    But anyways to the tank, I think that would be about a 300 gal tank if I remember the size of mine out back.

    The one I have is a little bit on the thin side and may require some additional bracing for the door to stay in the correct shape.

    Here is an idea or two, this is how we made the doors on our trailer rig. This tank is a 550 gal, just wanted to clarify. And this tank is probably near the same thickness as the one for sale.


  4. pandemonium

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    yes the grayed out reply screen is getting old!! Tom do you think my little welder would work on that metal? 90 amp wire fed? i think it might and that might be a cool project
  5. pandemonium

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    and another thing how come its ok to use an old kerosene tank like that for a smoker but everyone frowns on a uds drum that had chemicals in it?
  6. Kerosene, oils and such will burn out and leave nothing harmful behind.... There are a lot of chemicals out there that are resistant to high temps and carry a strong chance of leaving stuff behind that could be harmful or even deadly if consumed.
  7. pandemonium

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    ok thanks

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