Does my pork belly look ok?

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    First post here.  decided to make some smoked pork chops/canadian bacon and some bacon.  the canadian bacon is looking good, soaking it in water now, before drying it and putting it in fridge to dry out some before it goes into the smoker in the morning.  i'm following bearcarvers recipe.

    how does my pork bellies look?  i measured the correct TC and rubbed all over and then wrapped in saran wrap, but it has different colors....still good or should i toss?  what I had done was mix the brown sugar and TC together and rub in at same time.  I found Bearcarvers recipe, where the TC is rubbed first and then sugar.  maybe i didn't get the TC all over...

  2. It looks fine. the color is from the way it was sitting. How long did it cure? did you flip it every day?

    When you get a chance will you run by roll call and update your info. That way we can all give you a SMF welcome.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Yes looks OK.   You do not say how long it has been sitting when the Pic was taken.  But any way, give it about ten to twelve days in the rub, turn it daily, then take it out, rinse of the rub under cold running water, slice off a piece for a test fry, fry it up.  Too salty, soak it for 1/2 hour in fresh water, in 1/2 change the water, then 1/2 later, remove from water and pat dry, put on plate in fridge, go get smoker going, when ready, insert bacon.

    Other than that, your doing good, so far.
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    these bellies have been curing for 10 days.  I rubbed them down with TC and brown suger and wrapped in saran wrap and put in fridge and I would flip daily.  I soaked them this morning and put in fridge.  about 7am tomorrow, I will fire the smoker up and smoke the bellies and my pork loins.

    yeah i'll swing by the roll call.


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